Expansions made a good game into a great game – my feedback

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    First – thanks to the devs, designers and all who helped create this game. With the new expansions it has become my favourite game of the last 5 years, and probably even further back than that.

    I bought the game on release, same as when you released shadow magic and I bought a physical copy of that from an actual box in an actual store – back in the olden times before steam.

    I liked the original game, played it probably 30ish hours decided it was ‘good’ and moved on. I was a little disappointed as I was expecting amazing.

    The expansions came out and I thought ‘meh, I’m done with that game. It was good but probably not good enough to revisit.’

    Some months passed and I found myself digging through the steam storefront with an urge to play something new. Nothing caught my eye, but I saw AOW went from 1 expansion to two, and I started reading reviews. Tons of glowing reviews convinced me to buy the expansions and I have been very impressed.

    I am now sitting at over 700 hours played, up from 30ish pre-expansion. As I type this I have the game running in the background and the soothing music playing.

    Things I like about the game/expansions:

    #1: The best AI I have encountered in a TBS. No AI is perfect, but this is head and shoulders better than any other I’ve played. If not for such a solid AI there is no way I could sink so much time into the game.

    #2: Great random map generator. I love the random map generation, all the settings, and how it produces a new world every time. Well done

    #3: The different feel of classes, races, units and customization from the patron system and mythical buildings. love all this stuff

    Thanks for a great game! I wonder if this game would have been a huge hit if it released in this form, or if it just so happens that the expansions added content specific to my playstyle. It has really scratched an itch for me that has gone unscratched for many years.

    Final suggestion: You should do a kickstarter for another expansion. If you need to raise X amount of money to make a reasonable profit, set that as the KS goal. I’m sure you have some loyal fans who would be interested, and I would pay over $50 for an expansion that included a new class or race. So make sure if you do it, you have pledge levels so people that can afford to pay more are able to.

    Cheers guys, and thanks for reminding me what great gaming feels like!



    I agree! New expansion is something that many people want!!!!!



    Agreed ๐Ÿ™‚

    We (the people) demand tier3 turtle catapult! ๐Ÿ˜€



    But honestly it would only be icing on the cake. For me the game is already complete.
    I got my two first picks with the tigrans and frostlings and with the new mods i also got racially themed class units. U did a good job when making aow3 Triumph ๐Ÿ™‚



    I think it is a very good idea: to use the Kickstarter to support the develop of the final expansion that really would make the game not just excellent, but indeed great, and it would be as the cherry on the cake, oh, yeah!



    I was pretty meh about the main game and my main thought was that the game mechanics are to blame. However once i acquired the expansions i realized i was wrong. Just the sheer amount of content added a ton to the game. I really hope that we will see more expansions. My wallet is ready!

    It does not have to be an expansion as big as the Eternal Lords Expansions. I would even buy an expansion that would just expand on the modding capabilities and add some functions that modders can use. Would be a nice business model to force most players to buy because most mods would depend on it. Hmm maybe i should have become a crafty businessman instead ๐Ÿ™‚


    just worth pointing out that Triumph didn’t KS AoW3 or expansions, and are probably not going to KS any more expansions – simply put, they seem to be staying “traditional.”

    Would be a nice business model to force most players to buy because most mods would depend on it

    lol, I doubt TS would ever do that, as they have spent a huge amount of time building up a good reputation and goodwill. Such an expansion, that “forced” players probably wouldn’t be worth the loss in goodwill, regardless of ยฃยฃ.

    And to be honest, there are enough companies out there that seem hellbent on extracting every penny that one less is no bad thing. I’m looking at you CA, with your unlocked Chaos faction only if you pre-order.



    And to be honest, there are enough companies out there that seem hellbent on extracting every penny that one less is no bad thing. Iโ€™m looking at you CA, with your unlocked Chaos faction only if you pre-order.

    Not surprised at their approach. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game didn’t work until players start modding either. So I am not buying probably until at least a year after release. CA doesn’t deserve the benefit of doubt.


    @ Epa, yeah i think so too…although the marketing is affecting me!




    Oh and another praise post. Yeh you will find a lot of people here that think a like ๐Ÿ˜‰ Rightfully so.



    Totally agree with author.

    Game feels so polished, so well though-out, it has insane amounts of depth and close to unlimited possibilities of combinations like race>specialization>playstyle. It basically has everything that regular TBS player is looking for.

    This game was on my list since release, I knew Triumph can pull off new AoW and make it good, but I really didn’t expect it being THAT good. Sure there are some minor issues, but overall game is almost perfect.

    The only real problem of this game is that it’s very time consuming (like almost every other TBS really though…). I’d love to play it more often but it’s usually impossible.
    Weekend, morning, I do some chores, setting by computer relaxed with a cup of coffee in my hand, launching AoW3 looking for some fun matches, little time pass, quick glance at the clock and BAM: it’s a late night, I’m quickly closing the game and running to the bed with the feeling like: “what the hell? I just spent a few hours at best, how’s that possible?” And it happens like that every time… Sometimes it feels like more of a time-warp machine than actual game.

    And yes, I’m dying for new exansions, like we all do, I’m sure.



    Yeh I know that timewarp feeling.

    It means you were really enjoying yourself, but the bad part about it is that those hours seemed like 30 minutes.

    Kind love/hate relationship. It’s so much fun, but because of that time goes by too fast ๐Ÿ™‚


    I find it best to set aside dedicated AoW3 time, e.g. a block of a few hours, because this is not something you can rush…

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