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    Just got into Age of Wonders, after a long love affair with Shadow Magic and all its various mods.

    So far I haven’t really tried anything but the Tigrans. Fell in love with them right off the bat and every other race is not quite as aesthetically pleasing or the type of gameplay as fun.

    For units I’ve got to say it’s a tie between the Mystic and the Shadow Stalker.

    Mystic because you can get a nice Alpha Strike at range before heal and absurdly strong melee (I understand some people find this OP along with Tigran shamans?) and the Shadow Stalker really fills out the Tigran army as a unit that can actually take a hit and dish it back while maintaining similar or even superior mobility.

    I’d like Shredders more if I didn’t hate sacrificing a turn to cast Seeker when there are more useful spells, or even straight up attacking.

    Having said that I’m still learning the game, units, strategies, and etc. so I’m interested how other people play and what they enjoy. :]


    Cannon, they make your walls worthless and out-range just about anything.



    My favorite is the one still left alive at the end of the battle!

    My second favorite…lately I have been having fun with the banshee. I like teleporting into the middle of the enemy army and wailing, especially when I can do it with more than one, and follow up with necro despair stacking and exploiting attacks. banshee is pretty survivable, and often the AI seems to ignore it and run around it trying to get at softer units in the back.



    Evangelist, because he makes his own army.



    Deathbringer, also because they make their own army. Especially when you’re Necro and every support becomes a Healer.



    Succubus, because they are tricky to use but incredibly strong when used correctly, while also being insanely flexible and versatile.



    Cadaver + any unit with raise cadaver. Oh no you killed Scrambles BWAWM nah he’s fine.

    Or the orc irregulars, especially with explorer. Kings of the flank setup.



    Hard question.
    There are so many to pick from.

    Probley elven archers.
    Those are always good regardless of what race, class and specizations i play.

    Because elven archers dont suffer from range damage decrease(long bows for the win)
    Are avaiable early in any elven settlement.
    They can hold a walled town vs all but a full invasion force.

    Swarm darters are good but they die alot quicker then elven archers.

    Admitly i havent played tigrian and frostlings enough yet to form an opion on them.
    But so far elven archers are my favorite because they are so usefull.



    Some great units mentioned so far. Elven archers and Deathbringers are solid choices. I’m picking Orc berserkers. With a solid support team, a few Berserkers are incredibly useful. At gold medal, they are also Tireless.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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