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    Bit hard to explain like this, so here’s the example:

    I have mods A and B (Decodence RMG patch and Corrupt the Source – Extensions respectively). Both of these affect the Random Map generator. So I make a compatibility patch (mod C). Some of the modded stuff is changed.(to be precise, generation passes, stuff like that.)

    Now, dependent mod A is changed a bit – some entries were optimized, groups passes were created, etc. This includes some of the stuff changed by mod C.

    Now, to update mod C, I want to carryover the changed made by mod A, but this is a lot of work. First, I have to remove all mod C’s modifications. Then I have to restart the editor. Then I can work with the new mod A. This is because deleting a modification ALWAYS reverses to the base game, not to the mods that I’m dependent on.

    My request is that when working with mods build on other mods, if I remove a modification, it reverses to the dependent mods, not the base game.

    Would this be feasible to include in a next patch?

    I understand that it may be a bit of a minor issue, but it’s only going to be more important when there’s gonna be more people making compatibility patches for the mods out there.

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    I will check to see if it’s feasible if/when we do a patch. Could be quite some time still, I don’t know.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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