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    Leana reacted rather angrily to my constant raiding.

    Ericridge the Great’s golems was part of the raid that razed an human outpost from Leana. And then it split up and went to different locations. And while My Ericridge was moving to an human city with master guild in it to repair asap. That outpost razing was worthwhile, Leana lost several tier 3s plus one manticore of op. xD

    So as I was returning, then all of suddenly I saw Leana pop out of the fog, I reversed courses and attacked her immediately. I caught Leana isolated. Plus I needed to know how much CP she is rolling around with. I found out. Her 190 to mine 110.

    She got her face smashed in by my Golems. I hate warlords and so it felt good. And the fact that she basically lost almost 600 CP from this skirmish alone is great. I started assaulting her global enchantments even harder. Inspire Loyalty got disjuncted, working on The Draft next, it managed to resist disjunction 3 times -.-

    Leana was like, Meh and immediately moved even more armies in attempt to steal my city. The armies was basically Tier 4 Manticore spam + Tier 3 warbreeds/phalanxes plus bunch of racial tier 3s. Not a single tier 2 and below to be seen >_>

    The amount of high tier abuse makes me unsympathetic and cruel.
    After all, I’m the one that’s still forced to use tier 1 units and I don’t have the foggiest idea on how she can afford to have all those manticores running around and still construct palaces in every city..
    And so I told my Ellen the disruptor dreadnought to go use that boost fruit and smash the Leading Knight column while I retreated to the City to reinforce it.

    I succeeded in reinforcing the High elf city of Reinfalas.
    And so I told Leana’s Troops to BRING IT ON!
    Her soldiers’s response was to shuffle and fix stacks and set up positions for the siege next turn when Leana could possibly come back from the void.
    That manticore stack in front alone have five elite manticore plus a random phalanx.

    Naturally I didn’t want to let Leana have such a easy time slinging spells left and right with her AI cheats. And so I started the attack, abandoned siege and went after her.

    And thats how the first Megabattle got started!

    Leana’s 9+ Manticores/7?Warbreeds/8?Phalanxes/6ishRacial tier 3s/ three random heroes.
    Ericridge’s 14 Golems/five knights/ 12 Human focus archers/ two random heroes.
    3 Cannons/3 Engineers who particpated in raid too. XD Plus six fleeing elven longbowmen. And six utterly irrelevant ironclads despite city’s coastal location >.>

    And so It begins.

    Ericridge and his five golems plus Ellen and her five golems/ six human focus archers/ Plus Girron Arrowflocksomething warlord and his five knights started off with Knights leading the charge..

    The Megamanticore stack split up and attacked three armies with two manticores per army. Then Leana’s troopers focused onto Ellen’s Veteran Golems. Cannon fodders was sent to delay Ericridge’s champion golems.

    After Arrowflock cast bloodbath.. Arrowflock’s Knights was able to overwhelm the two manticores sent to fight them with no losses by exhausting the manticores. Ellen’s Golems was forced to stay put and fight til they die. Ellen did manage to flee to where Ericridge’s golems is with one golem in tow repairing it. All of Ellen’s Golems reach expert before dying, with one resurrected via reassemble.

    Meanwhile all that is going on, there was two manticores headed for the human archers to err “slaughter them” XD Manticores got slaughtered instead through spamming flank volley attacks. Three Human Archers eventually reach elite.

    All of Leana’s Phalanxes died to Golems as Knights flanked them from behind/side.

    After that, 2nd fight of megabattle starts.

    The four golems reinforcing Ellen was the ones that Reinfalas City built. XD 3 turns each but they came in handy for this particular specific battle. Another four died. B/c they got focusfired by Leana’s soldiers plus this is where one of my champion golems died, ran out of cp to reassemble it while spamming dispel on static shield off Leana’s manticore. Static Shield manticore too scary.

    And the stage closes on this one particular megabattle and it looked like this.

    Four of those golems was sent by Ericridge the Great because Ericridge too fat and ran out of movement points. While Engineer/cannon duo was forced to take on a phalanx/warbreed and dreadnought. One cannon and two engineers died but surviving engineer reached expert.

    While the archer army you saw also is human focused archers, gotta love those guys! I brought twelve of them over the bay, been worth it. They responsible for several phalanxes and four manticores.

    And now my survivors of the megabattle is enjoying 3x victories in 3 turns while leana is demoralized by 3x losses in 3 turns. And once I somehow manage to disjunct the danged draft that somehow resist me lots her soldiers will be at -200ish if her morale stays that low.

    And then.. there is about 10+ more manticores just outside the borders of Reinfalas >.> I hate tier 4 spam. And its still about 7 turns until I get my first tier 4 oh boy. And that was all I played for AOW3 today, too tired after that megabattle XD I’m going to try dismantle leana just to see how hard it is.

    I hope u guys had fun reading.

    (Oh, and that first battle of Megabattle? It was a “Very Likely Defeat” XD)

    Edit: Oh, and after the megabattle, I suddenly realized how great Orcs would be for a warlord because alot of their units will have inbuilt tireless. At this point i’m just glad i’m fighting an high elf warlord not orc warlord XD



    Sounds pretty epic.

    Could you tell me a bit more about the game leading up to this point? What settings do you play on? What was your research priorities? Juggernauts on turn 120 seems a bit late for the games I play in.



    The third screenshot looks incredible…

    Truly epic! 😀



    Sounds pretty epic.

    Could you tell me a bit more about the game leading up to this point? What settings do you play on? What was your research priorities? Juggernauts on turn 120 seems a bit late for the games I play in.

    Well, I was lucky and unlucky at same time. There was so much Temperate lands, and they’re also almost empty of people at same time. I had to construct and settle outposts. 80% of my cities you see in screenshot is the ones I settled which is why I have very low gold output atm >< Still waiting for them to mature.

    Early game, there was an rogue in the east.. he declared war on me, I had an single army which also included a single knight and me, plus four other infantry units that I forgot. It ran east razing every village it could get its hand on and stumbled across the underdefended throne city then razed it and got away alive with only one knight left, everyone else in the army died.

    It made the rogue who declared war on me request for peace treaty. I took it and my champion knight returned home safely.

    And then I spent like next 80 turns settling lands. They’re still not done growing. ><

    And I fear Leana. Be op warlord with global assault for free elites. And so I decided to make an alliance with drugal the stout and after I made an alliance with him and it surprised me that he already controlled like 1/4 of the map.

    Both of them was killing off Leonus the dreadnought. Drugal got the killing blow.

    Then Leona immediately dow’d on Drugal, at this point I just started to cast globalization mobilization. I stayed out of the war for 6 turns cuz 600 CP needed. Plus I kinda wanted to make Leana mess up her formations. It partially worked.

    And I’m attacking her vulnerable cities already with puny units, she forced to use puny units to try defend. Already razed an elven city/dragon dwelling xD And in the razing forces, one of the orc spearmen managed to reach elite.

    In several turns maybe 5 or so, they will finally have six golems supporting them.

    The difficulty is King, AI have research advantages. They tend to get tier 4 units up by turn 40 or 50.

    And my research prioritizes was getting Golems unlocked asap. The Juggernaughts can come later, they got nerfed anyways plus I didn’t even have the economy to support many juggernaughts anyways. I had too many outposts and villages that I settled.

    I’m also concerned with the AI east of me, its controlled by Karl the archdruid who kinda hates me for some reason even when he took advantage of the rogue that I crippled by conquering the lands there.

    But fortunately for me, he’s busy in other wars. I have to really squash Leana fast somehow so I can protect myself against karl archdruid.

    I’m also concerned with each city I raze, my alignment will eventually reach evil while Drugal is still pure good.

    Oh and I failed to get Centurion XD



    What is the reward for Centurion?

    How many hours in is this game?

    I can understand the delayed Juggernauts given what you’ve described. Seems pretty smart to go for The Great Mobilization in a game like this. Do you have any Repair Machine Builders?

    It’s clear that it’s a very different game compared to the fast-paced MP games I’m used to (even the larger FFA games are usually over before turn 75).



    BTW, this is a XL-map right? Continents? Was it Empire-building?



    What is the reward for Centurion?

    How many hours in is this game?

    I can understand the delayed Juggernauts given what you’ve described. Seems pretty smart to go for The Great Mobilization in a game like this. Do you have any Repair Machine Builders?

    It’s clear that it’s a very different game compared to the fast-paced MP games I’m used to (even the larger FFA games are usually over before turn 75).

    Centurion = +1 lvl for every unit of yours including heroes.
    I have repair machine builders but they’re busy laying down forts for GPT income/ setting up necessary roadnetwork.

    Also, I have six elite engineers who is milling around in my throne city waiting for armies to support lol I just don’t have armies and its now a race of whether leana can overwhelm me first before my cities mature and give me the GPT i need. Or I hold Leana off long enough and get the GPt to start forming armies I need to go on the offensive.

    And yes it is XL Map set to continents and I currently have waters set to max and it accidently almost turned the usually pangaea set up to semi-continents. All the land is connected but there’s alot of bays.

    I’ve seen empire building term thrown around in this forum but I never know what it really means so if you could give me a definition for it, it would be real kewl.



    Empire Building is when everybody starts with a settler and there’s no independent cities on the map. It’s one of the different game types you can choose early on. One of the others is Battle where you have larger starting armies and cities.

    Inspired by this, I just started an xl-map against 7 emperor (I think? is there any way to check after you start?) AI, continents, default settings. 20 turns in it’s looking pretty good for my Dwarf/Rogue as Fai Dural just surrendered to me.



    Ah I see, It isn’t an empire building game. Cuz There is independent cities on the map. And defender strength of independants is set to standard.



    (I think? is there any way to check after you start?)

    I guess you can see by setting up a different game and looking at what is selected by default. Because it saves your settings it should be what you used for your last game.

    Also, if you want more of a challenge and situations like Ericridge described, I guess you’d need to leave all AI players alone for 60 turns 😉



    Ericridge you must let us know how/when it ends!


    I have an ongoing Human Theocrat game going on, and like you Ayenara, managed to eliminate an ai early on. I’m in at about turn 30 or so and the independents are spawning like crazy and really making life difficult for me.



    BBB is this the game you are uploading to youtube?


    Yes, but gonna have to stop soon.



    Ericridge you must let us know how/when it ends!

    Okay but it won’t be fast because I’m kinda busy this week probably can’t play today.



    Sneak Preview of things to come.

    First Group 16 Manticores and everything else is tier 3.

    Second group, 5 manticores, and random tier 3s.

    Its getting bit stupid at this point now.

    I’m starting to feel like ragequiting from constant waves of manticores because this is ruining tier 4’s rare status but this is making me want to kill leana even more.

    Although Its still an improvement over Vanilla AOW3 where AI was nothing but waves of tier 4s.

    And drugal? Yeah he made peace with leana, letting leana focus on me. And I refuse to make peace until i have all of my cities that she took from me at minimum. And she refuses to give them back so screw her. And so I paid Drugal another 20 mana per turn to declare war on leana again. This makes me bit sad because its made very clear that AI doesn’t even understand who is most dangerous on the map.

    At very least, I’m having good success razing her backline cities. And now have a rough idea of where her throne city is. I’m trying to put together three armies and falcon punch her throne city if I can.




    It took me two weeks to accept the fact.

    I was forced to uh retreat. AI making me flee in an TBS was such a foreign concept to me by now. Mind blown. Congrats Triumph Studios. It just took me two weeks to accept the fact that I have to retreat. No save reloading was done. I just couldn’t believe it. Because I have been playing TBS games for like since high school and I was never been forced to retreat even once, this is refreshing experience for me.

    Several armies jumped into the water because they was slow movers while the rest traveled over the land and repositioned up at dwarf city just to the east. This time, I made sure to not have armies jump into water right next to city so they won’t be pulled out of the water and forced into an unwanted battle without support of waiting ironclads.

    Badly damaged machine armies retreated even more to the east to the human port city just west of the dwarf city and parked there. Cuz Master Guild + Industrial Plant is located there and they were back in action in several turns. I would’ve hated to lose more than one champion golem which I have lost already in the first megabattle.

    I even ran out of mana at this point. Dem failure disjunctions can do that nicely.

    As alot of my armies was chilling at dwarf city for a next plan of action.

    Drugal finally got off his butt and redow’d on Leana for me through a bribe of 400 mana.

    It worked, all those excess manticores which was freed up due to leana making peace with drugal is flying back to fight with Drugal again.

    I waited a couple of turns and then rushed out after all the machine units is done repairing. And recaptured every single city that leana stole from me and then took a goblin city. Leana’s Inspire loyalty of giving every unit volunteer perk got disjuncted successfuly by me and Drugal.

    Meanwhile Drugal ninjaed a bunch of under defended cities from leana cuz she took everything in there after making peace with drugal to hurl at me. This is making Drugal even more powerful, Drugal is already sporting 300 CP XD But hey, at least against Drugal I don’t have to face waves of infinite elites if he ever does backstabs me.

    Leana at 180 CP the last I checked with me just reaching 120 CP and about other 20 CP will be gained if I ever start on Two great palaces this turn.

    And that One goblin city I took from Leana? Leana had two heroes in there, not anymore. 😀 My first Juggernaught with it’s escort of four golems fought their first battle in it. Its supported by six extra golems and ten knights plus two lvl 10+ warlords. There was two manticores plus a whole bunch of warbreeds and few random mounted archers. Plus an stack of five manticores and a goblin beetle rider but it was positioned in a way which prevented it from reinforcing the battle. I managed to win that battle without losing a single unit.

    Winning that battle made Leana pull together a fast strike force of four armies which plan to retake the goblin city back. I plan to flee because about 20 of them is all elite manticores. SO not only once but, AI has managed to make me flee for second time?!? WOW XD

    And further south, I managed to regain my most distant port city back. Is good because it’s in rather vital spot for ironclads whenever Drugal decide its time for me to exit the stage. But the act of me retaking this portcity has an effect of bringing mine and Drugal’s borders together. I fought an battle to retake this city from three of leana’s armies, I brought three as well with ericridge the great.

    And back to area near the razed cities territory where my dwarf rogue’s armies had their way with cities. I manage to respot Leana again and catch her! My six veteran/expert golems and four Veteran/expert orc impalers do battle and get wiped out to a man but leana got killed. She had escort this time around XD Biggest surprise in that battle is Leana casting resurgence spell on herself. It just shocked me because it showed that AI somehow understood me attempting to crudely assassinate her and lock out her spells for other three turns as my last two golems was racing to her.

    I was forced to cast dispel or end battle in complete failure, to my luck, dispel succeeded in dispelling the resurgence spell at 50% chance. Leana fell with two golems punching her into the ground combined with fireball spam i’ve been slinging from the beginning of the battle helped by skin of oil xD she had seven units escorting her. One of them died, a goblin warbreed.

    Good piece of news is that in last ten turns as all those events and battles unfolded, eighteen brand new golems just exited their factory plants and grouped up. Their plan is to be escorted across the water by at least one fleet and sent deep into unexplored territory to discover leana’s throne city. And if possible, win the battle of throne city with Leana in it. Failing that, going on a rampage on any city that I think I can take and raze, just killing three armies in it is good enough for me! While Ericridge the Great and all other armies maintain the back and forth frontline with Leana.

    At this point I still only have one dreadnought but I am now sitting on 2.3k gold and generating around 1.3k gold a turn, i’m working hard at the moment to gain wealthy morale buff so I’ll be attempting to keep it at 100 to keep my morale in decent shape. Leana’s average morale is now at like -75 for her units. That keeps her from critting my golems to death. I popped several praise the leader celebrations by luck. Its part of reason why I managed to reach 2.3k gold because I had an feeling and carpe diem’d on my cities. Combined with several cities of mine growing to metropolis size and villages growing to towns/cities.

    And an brief update on my cities on eastern border with Karl now have at least minimum of six civic guards in every one. Is completely nothing but, better than nothing at all and I now can sleep bit better knowing that I might can kill one random manticore that somehow sneak it’s way there.

    All that happened today.
    Alot of firsts for me!



    Yeah, better to be smart and fight another day.

    This super-lategame is really foreign to me, very exciting to read.



    Yeah, better to be smart and fight another day.

    This super-lategame is really foreign to me, very exciting to read.

    Well you didn’t expect another update so soon XD

    War with Leana finished.

    And I finally learn the purpose of awesome cloth maps, good for talking things over!

    Here it is.

    Starting with abbreviations.

    Blue is My lands.
    Brown is Drugal’s Lands.
    Green is Leana lands.
    Light Blue is Arugal’s lands.

    TC is my Throne city and the one inside leana’s fog of war is leana’s throne city.

    O is site of three naval battles of my Ironclads and frigates versus Leana’s Manticores and land troops.

    Slash is razed cities.

    F is the city training all the focus archers that participated in the first megabattle.

    X marks the first megabattle’s location and the second megabattle force came which I fled from.

    D is the dwarf city that I retreated to.

    I marks the industrial plant city which all of my badly damaged machines ran away to.

    DK means Dragons’ Peak. It’s training me fire wyverns with occasional fire dragons. Mostly Fire wyverns for now. Their fire damage immunity will come in very handy in future battles..

    That’s all of the locations.. Leana’s old borders was..

    Oh and that single Leana’s city just east of my PC? Giants keep xD

    As you can see, she was quite uh big and had more than enough gold for excessive amount of elite manticore spam. Her biggest mistake is.. Starting a war immediately just after Leonus the dreadnought died which got wiped out by combined assault from Leana in north and drugal in the south.

    Leana started a war with Drugal just one turn after Leonus died. I declare war on Leana like about ten turns after Leana started war on Drugal. And Leana was winning hard. Crushed every force that Drugal hid in cities with.

    Then I started the skirmishing with Leana cuz she had too many units for me to start sieging which culminated into the first megabattle.

    Few turns later, Leana manage to get a peace treaty with Drugal somehow. This turns the odds into her favor and sent every single manticore flying towards me and attempted to get a second megabattle out of me against my still damaged machines. I just ran away instead, too little hp left.

    Around this time is when I basically ran out of mana from all the disjuncting I was doing to her global enchantments to reduce her fighting power. But managed to have a bunch just enough mana to bribe drugal into dowing on Leana again to take the heat off my golems.

    Then Leana took all the manticores away from me again and sent them towards her now under defended cities. And I did another big movement of my armies into her lands. And that made Leana split her defending force in half again which was fighting against drugal and back to me once again. This was the killing blow.

    First 100% Then full 50% and that 50% got sent to drugal and split in half again reducing it to 25% and then Leana’s Garrisons became inadequate and got annexed.

    It was all over for Leana when my eighteen searching golems from Throne city’s areas found her throne city and smashed leana in there.

    And now I’m going through the period of massive infrastructure build up and setting up great palaces as fast as I can. Gotta bring up my CP somehow to the point where it is comparable against Drugal so that I can actually keep my global enchantments up after Drugal and me is done growing and devoured all other AIs.

    Yes, I plan to start an war against Drugal if he doesn’t dow on me because, it looks like the map will get split in half between us.

    This picture is about 30 turns out of date because I have alot more dwarf cities by then with even more of the map explored. But this is the main city protecting the tunnel entrance to my core zone so uh it required fortification XD

    My dwarves been busy at work setting underground up for me.

    Not sure when I will start the war against Karl the halfling archdruid but presumely somewhere when finally have the armies ready for all my elite engineers.
    And my Arcane Forges is busy filling out the equipment needs for my heroes getting those empty slots filled out first before replacing anything bad. While I have basically taken over leana’s half of the land. Drugal took other half.

    Drugal is fighting Argula Dreadnought now.

    I plan to fight Karl whenever I’m ready. XD

    Oh and one important tip about Hideout spell from partisan specialization?
    Its incredible.

    Three hex rings around the central hex of the city will conceal your armies! Which means you can hide truly an massive force! XD I got several hideouts set up now. 😛 So when Time for war comes, I’ll be ready on all fronts. Boom. And the AI won’t see it coming I think. I hope hideout makes units chilling in the hideout cities invisible to their LOS cheats unless they bring an true sight unit to confirm what’s in there.

    Then I’ll be like well that’s awkward and dow immediately because to spy in there, it meant they trespassed into my lands!

    I’m just happy I cut leana down before she became too powerful. I think she had about 80+ manticores in total that I killed, not even counting ones that drugal has killed. x.x



    That’s damn cool and impressive! Please keep’em coming! 🙂

    Your game sounds so amazing that I feel like I have been playing the game wrongly the entire time^^

    I guess I’ll soon start an XL map with underground and try not to become too powerful too early so that late game will actually be as interesting as you describe it and not just me deciding who will die when and how…

    You got me super excited! 😉




    In such maps with delayed research and slowed population growth you can fight truly epic games. The past several weeks my games are like Ericridge and the feeling for the term “Epic” does describes it quite ok. In empire building games is just like the opening of AOW (Create an empire of your own image)



    Thank you for the comments. xD

    Another update.

    I joined in the three way dogpile of Argula’s territories.
    Because I wanted more GPT. I didn’t have enough so I decided to grab what cities from her that I could. It helped quite alot. Me and Drugal basically divided up all the cities taken from her in half from underground.

    Argula’s Throne City armies fought fiercely.
    This is Drugal’s third or fourth attack on throne city and it failed each time.

    And then this happened.

    Of course I accepted, I got an partially destroyed metropolis and herself at lvl 23 plus whole bunch of units which is..
    10 Juggernaughts.
    2 Flame Tanks.
    1 Cannon.

    Amusingly enough, the flame tanks is elite, I don’t’ know how on earth they survived long enough to reach elite. And the fact is that they’re my first flame tanks I have gained in this map XD For almost two hundred turns I had zero flame tanks.

    This brings us to the final stages of this map.

    Ericridge and Drugal vs Karl
    Me and Drugal control more than half of the map which means the outcome is obvious if I stick to the alliance and Ericridge just became pure evil…. 😛 I feel like turning whole map.. blue.. and I want more gold..

    And more interesting battles!

    Surface World.

    And the Underground.

    Then few interesting points to mention first.

    Here, come see my best city in the map.

    An dwarf city with Focus Chambers, Flowrock Machinery and Enchanted armor. Oh boy. That city can create the strongest generic units in my whole empire! Only thing that’s missing is the spring of life but I have another cities with enchanted armor/spring of life anyways XD

    About CP Situation, its somewhat respectable.
    I have 380 CP to Drugal’s 430 CP. Them Gold cheats is making quite a difference for him because he have so many juggernaughts while cranking out tons of great palaces. >.>

    Remember me commenting on six elite engineers waiting for armies to support?
    Its done.
    All those armies is basically One Elite Engineer, four veteran golems and a veteran Juggernaught.

    And then I have marked the base locations onto the map for your own convenience which is where the majority of my armies is at. It doesn’t mean other cities is empty, they at very least have an garrison of six tier 1 units to deal with annoying stuff at minimum.

    I’m not really sure on what will happen to Argula’s city. Its pretty isolated. It might get overrun if Drugal focus full on to deny me an uber lvl 23 argula hero with destablized manacore spell unlocked for her to spam.

    Still I guess it depends on how much pressure I manage to apply in the opening stages of new war against Drugal.

    Plus I’ve been noticing that Karl and Drugal been beefing up their garrisons in cities bordering me. I suspect treachery. And I think Drugal been trying to adjust his alignment to match my new pure evil alignment cuz he’s been razing few cities and dropped from pure good to good.

    Its turn 197 now.

    Well I think that’s all for now, not sure when next update will be.



    Boy, I don’t really like it when AI spams juggernaughts and very little of something else. So I’m almost using every dirty trick in the book to cut down on the chaff of juggernaughts.

    In the opening stages of the war between Drugal and Me.

    I struck an extremely effective blow and scored 3x victories. Drugal was at -200 morale for three turns and went back to zero. He didn’t have enough gold to pay for his units. His units was at -25% morale.

    Capturing about three cities is all that put him into negative GPT! Which makes me think that Drugal was probably making 1k gold a city.

    I don’t know what magic Drugal did to get back to +100 morale after being at -200 for few turns. Disbanded units?

    To put it simply, first few turns was like this.

    Attacking underdefended cities with golem swarm on the frontier because they are only thing tough enough to withstand the juggernaught barrage and reduce the walls to rubble so I can get at the juggernaughts and kill them.

    11 turns to make city friendly to me? Nah Migrate my people in! Goblins can go eat filth!

    And then I sell the stone walls from freshly captured city. :3

    You see, so that when Drugal rush at me with 24+ Juggernaughts again, I will retreat and then attack at my own leisure but this time he won’t have stone walls to help him!

    Meanwhile in the underground, I manage to reach the Drugal’s Isolated city and bum rush it.

    And intercept two stacks that was heading to that underground entrance which is next to that isolated city underground XD

    And then south of Ben Jun city.. I order the elite golem to assault the city alone as I proceed to unlock “Destroy AI Cheat” spell better known as Destablized Manacore but before I did that, I made sure to drain Drugal’s CP in other skirmishes first. XD

    As you can see, it worked magnificently.. Although I think I saw a weird bug.
    Casting Destablized Manacore removed Golem’s Forcefield spell which was supposed to last for five turns for some reason. And so my Golem died an unexpected death before I could hit that last flame tank with a fireball.

    I planned to have the golem retreat but .. I wonder if i forgot to recast forcefield as I cast the third destablized manacore..

    Meanwhile the fleet of ironclads sailed from formerly Leana’s throne city and found a fleet of Galleons from Drugal and promptly sunk it with one of best broadsides I have ever seen.

    That happened because defender gets to go first and they fired off every single cannon they could onto my two central ironclads. Now if Mortar wasn’t nerfed, the galleon fleet would have been sunk in first turn from my return fire but alas it’s nerfed so it took me two turns to dispatch this fleet with multiple broadsiding.

    Meanwhile in that central lake.. I’ve been scouting the waters pretty hard with two fleets of ironclads. I wish I have a third. 🙁 And spotted suspicious grouping of units in one coastal city.

    Aha knew it! They embarked! Now they die!

    Ok good now let’s take a close look at Dreadnought AI’s fleets.
    I assume you are aware it’s turn 212? Ok good.

    Notice something wrong with the screenshot? AI is King. They never research the Ironclad hulls. >.>

    Ok good, now do you wanna see how funny Juggernaughts look like embarked on a galleon?

    That’s right, Its bigger than the galleon! XD
    The Juggernaughts disregard the fact that My Orc Rogue with that fleet has sabotage. One of them was sunk instantly thanks to Orc Rogue hitting it with Sabotage XD

    There is one cool trick you can do with machines…. They gain Mariner if built in human cities!

    And in Far east where Karl and mine and Drugal’s borders meet. A local Archon Necropolis was razed to the ground After I did a smash and run raid on it. I did an autoresolve because it was in too inconvenient of a location.

    This reminds me, I have one problem with underground. It refuses to let me build a bridge on this hex where the prospector is standing to mark the location for you. >< I forgot to submit a report on this.

    And finally, This city I migrated my people in and retreated! Let me show you why.

    :p Yeah. I ran away, the Golem swarm retreated to Leana’s formerly throne city to repair and rebuild six destroyed golems. And then Immediately counterattacking in two turns with my spam. Ok. Spam is too strong of a word for it.

    That is where my six elite engineers on this map went. xD
    Force of five juggernaughts, twenty golems and five engineers is counterattacking with sixth stack still being repaired.

    And this is where I left off for today.

    There’s still skirmishes going on. I have lost about twelve golems so far. And one fleet of ironclads is still repairing as it engage a fleet and sink them so that when the waters is finally open, it gives me an avenue to attack into deep softbelly of cities defended by Juggernaut spam, eh, who am I kidding. XD

    If I were to raid behind the Drugal lines I would have to raze every single city I take or I would die as Juggernaught defenders on reserve counterattack.

    I’m gradually learning how to fight a really strong AI Dreadnought player. Their knockout blow of 24 Juggernaughts aimed at a city that don’t have seven stacks defending it is very powerful because of 4 vs 3 stack advantage. I lost 24 golems this way. Was painful. Much butthurt. West front is weaker because of it.

    And dismantling your walls is actually a good strategy as it robs Dreadnought of having a defender advantage as you retreat and forces the AI to build wood walls/stone walls adding two turns to your advantage that you can use to muster the necessary units in order to retake the city.

    Forcibly migrating people in can also ruin the city for AI for other 11 turns if they are of opposite alignment as they attempt to absorb it.

    Slow methodical advance with counterattacks and a corridor of cities set up so that if Dreadnought takes it as you retreat won’t benefit greatly for the dreadnought due to lack of walls which makes your counterattacking easier.

    Meanwhile I’m checking Karl every turn to make sure to keep him in war against Drugal.

    That’s it for now, not sure when I’ll be able to continue this. Juggernaught spam is really annoying XD At least it’s not as bad as global assault manticore spam though!



    That trick to give machines mariner…that is a bug isn’t it? I haven’t seen that before.



    That trick to give machines mariner…that is a bug isn’t it? I haven’t seen that before.

    I honestly don’t know but I think it is intended. But if it is indeed a bug, i’m fine with it being fixed.

    But otherwise this mariner trait being applied to machines built in human cities does raise the value of human race. XD



    Dunno. I guess it could be intended.

    Anyway, I feel inspired now to try a mega game like this, but I worry I might never finish it 😀



    There is one cool trick you can do with machines…. They gain Mariner if built in human cities!

    That instance of Mariner looks like it’s been bestowed by a Shrine of the Fickle Mermaid. Are you really sure it isn’t? Otherwise, it’s a bug.

    It refuses to let me build a bridge on this hex where the prospector is standing to mark the location for you

    That’s cause it’s impossible to build two bridges on adjacent tiles.



    Anyway, I feel inspired now to try a mega game like this, but I worry I might never finish it

    Just what I thought when first reading this thread.

    @ericridge: Thanks for your dedication and the never ending updates! I really appreciate it 🙂


    It’s like the Battle of Kursk in there.
    I never play XL maps with good reason. 😛



    I do, but they’re usually over around turn 100(normal speed). That’s cause I might not declare war myself, but I will respond to other people doing it – by taking them out. That usually gives me such a portion of the map that I can mop up the remains easily. Though I must say, I haven’t done it with Emperor AI yet. I guess I’m partially waiting a bit for the expansion, partially cause I’m still busy doing all branches of the campaign on hard(Cause IMO you need to be able to do it on hard before writing a strategy guide about it), and partially cause I still got some wiki updates to do.

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