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    How does first strike really work?
    I expected it to change the order of attacks. So if I attack and you don’t have first strike, I hit you, you hit me. If I attack and you have first strike, you hit me and then I hit you.
    What I noticed happening though is that a unit with first strike hits the attacker and then gets to retaliate as well?



    It basically turns the unit with First Strike into the attacker. IE normal combat, the attacker hits, gets retaliated, hit, retaliate, hit, retaliate. First Strike doesn’t change total number of hits, just the order of hits.


    It’s a design decision. But yeah, if a units with fs gets hit 2 twice it will hit the attacker 3 times. It always gets one extra strike after the final attack provided it has enough action points left.



    Ah well. If it is a concious design decission 🙂 Thought it would have been. It is something that was very unlikely for testers not to notice 😛

    Just was very much surprised when my raptors charged some crows at orange range and got hit twice for their one attack.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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