Fixing mana reward from Forbidden Sanctum

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    First a little introduction on how rewards work for sites…
    To begin with, the accountancy unit is gold so everything is converted into gold through weights. Mana weights 2 gold, RP weights 3 gold, CP weights 5 gold.
    You have a reward value, which depends on 3 factors: A/ the defender value, which depends on the site, for a Forbidden Sanctum it’s “Strong” and 550 gold, B/ a Spawn Value Multiplier which multiplies the defender value (to adjust sites with the same “strength”), for a Forbidden Sanctum it’s 1.2 or 1.3 depending on the defender set, so about 715 gold for A*B, C/ your settings: for Strong Defenders (in the settings at the start of the game), you have a 1.5 multiplier, so on Strong Defenders, you get 1072.5 gold.
    Actually this is the maximum defender value and the real defender value can be lower, depending on the units spawned by the site as its defenders. But let’s keep 1072.5 gold as our reference.

    Then you have multipliers for each type of reward you will get: gold reward multiplier, mana reward multiplier, skill reward multiplier, unit reward multiplier, and item reward multiplier. The sum of these multipliers should in theory be equal to 1 so that the total reward value stays equal to A*B*C. And so for each type of reward, you have A*B*C*[type multiplier] as your reward value for that type.
    In the case of Forbidden Sanctum, the multipliers are:
    0.3 for mana
    0.2 for CP
    5 for skills
    You can see here that there is “an issue” somehow: 0.3+0.2+5=5.5 so it’s higher than 1 and the total gold value of the reward is very high.

    Then we calculate the real value in each “currency” for our Forbidden Sanctum:
    0.3*1072.5/2= 107.25 mana
    0.2*1072.5/5=42.9 CP
    5*1072.5/3=1787.5 RP

    Now, if you get Shock Missile as a reward, which costs 70 RP, that should leave you with 1717.5 RP to get other stuff.
    These RP are actually converted to the “excess resource” of the site, which for the Forbidden Sanctum is mana. Let’s convert them: 1717.5*3/2=2681.25 mana. But there is an excess resource multiplier of 0.25 so 2681.25*0.25=670.3125 mana.

    So in total, you get 107.25+670.31=about 777 mana, in addition to 42 CP and Shock Missile.
    That’s not taking into account the variance which can bring that up (we observed a mana income of 954).

    This does not seem reasonable, how could we fix it?

    PS: there may be some errors in my understanding of how things work, in particular the value of skills may not be directly their RP cost, however, the big picture is correct (as illustrated by the 954 mana reward).


    Jolly Joker

    The easiest is to adjust the excess multiplier to say, 0.08 (I took 0.1 in my first modding of the site).



    Yes, I reached the same conclusion but wanted to get other ideas. And I was indeed thinking about 0.08 or 0.07 or something like that.

    EDIT: do you have an explanation for the 954 mana? It’s higher than I calculated, even by taking a 20% variance.

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    Jolly Joker

    Ok, let’s see.
    First, I see a mistake in your arithmetics. 0.3*1072.5/2= 107.25 mana is not correct, it’s actually 160.8, so you are at 830 Mana, not 777.

    But maybe the 5 for RPs is just an error and should actually be 0.5. In this case you’d have 178 RPs only,leaving 108 after the shock missile. In this case you’d juyt get an excess of a bit over 40 Mana, ending at about 200 Mana all in all, which makes sense as well.

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