Fleabite in Mirrorland – or: when Knight AI is fishy

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    The great goblin Warlord Fleabite Beetlebreath and his horde of former cave-grub farmers turned unstopable tide of soldiery soldierness, entered a strange magical land of mirrored people.
    There he met Leaders three and would be the undoing of two.

    My ally:

    Baradir the Bald,
    he seemed to be off to a good start, roaming the lands, encoutnering neutral cities and clearing independents. He soon managed to have a couple of stacks roaming the map.
    But it soon became apparent that that was all he did. His armies moved randomly, attacking independents. The stacks were never reinforced – if units died, the army would carry on until the last person in it was dead. Tough luck when that were heroes.
    He quickly became the Leader to die the most times, trying to clear exploration sites by himself.
    All his heroes were killed in a Legendary exploration site, fighting a Golden Dragon and Phoenix. He continued throwing all his units at that site until finally even the last defender was dead. As well as almost all his units.
    He never joined the war with the opposing team. Never fought a single skirmish against an enemy AI.

    Our enemies:

    Vontor the Shocking,
    send out his army to follow the main road. That eventually resulted in a head on collision with my own armies.
    I captured a city he had just taken from the independents and he quickly retook it, razing it to the ground rather than trying to hold it. A second outpost I had taken from him came under attack. After I killed him and his hero (the human sorceress Laryssa?), his armies all pulled back, leaving only the odd giant beetle rider to scout around.
    My armies tried to press the advantage and followed the retreating goblins and dwarves. Vontor razed each and every one of his own cities as he fell back to defend at his capital. He remained there for the 40+ turns it took me to wrap up the map.

    Leana the Huntress,
    was probably the best of the three AIs. She made several attempts to put pressure on the front Vontor had abandoned, though I was able to push her armies back. Attacking on two fronts had her stretching a bit thin and eventually she split her two main forces to defend her two largest cities, leavign another two cities undefended. She still made a few attempts at counter attacks, which would have been more dangerous if her ally hadn’t abandoned her. She researched Warbreeds and Manticore Riders before I did. Eventually she had too few resources so she was forced to turnher population into irregular troops, to support her manticore riders and heroes.
    As I moved my troops to possibly circle round the lake to her throne city and Leana herself, to end the war without bothering with her heroes in the other city, those heroes tried to liberate one of the cities I had taken from her – but they did that with no support, just three heroes and one unit.
    My own armies were in reach and they got surrounded by my four stacks. It was a strange move though as it was a bit too suicidal for an AI that had not really amde any silly moves before. From there it was easy to clear out the irregulars defending one city and then attack the throne city. Most time was spend crossing the lake.

    With Leana beaten it took two turns to follow the road north and attack Vontor’s capital. With just one city for the whole game, he had not been able to do any research or field any kind of proper army. His summoned units were limtied to 3 wisps. His army consisted mainly of beetle riders, while he also had one plague doctor.

    It all made a scenario that sounded interesting a bit disappointing. If all three AIs had been as Leana it could have made for an interesting game. As it was though it was a 1 vs 1 for most of the game, with regular updates of the random acts of my “ally”.

    Next time I’ll have to try on a harder setting.
    Hope the feedback is at least a bit useful 🙂

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