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    Ok so here is the run down. I’m a draconian necromancers and I take this hobbits town. I notice they are not draconian and migrating is a lot faster than ghouling so… yeah!

    Now the town is mine and the Halfling leader decides to forge blast his used to be town. The forge blast takes out the stores! oh noes! not my stores! Oh wait… I don’t use stores.

    Not that it’s really overpowering but if I was on the other side of that I’d be kinda pissed. I think if a building isn’t used by the current town even though it exist it shouldn’t be the target of hostile spells. I’m sure he would of rather the embalmers guild to go.

    Another thing I ran into in the same game bothered me. I took this Halfling’s throne city and 20 or more turns later finally had the chance to kill him. He had at least 20 turns and he didn’t build a throne! Really? When I killed him I didn’t expect to vanquish him considering he still had numerous cities available and how much time had gone by.

    On a final note, to all my master Shadowborn brethren out there. Did you know you can cast Rite of Malediction multiple times? There is nothing sweeter than my flier who had Fire aura + Regrowth + Tireless + Shadowstep. That was just one I can remember!

    If I had known this I’d of made sure my leader was present more often so I didn’t have the double cast cost. Late game it’s so overpowered with all the CP you have by then. I only had the chance to cast it twice in one battle. 3 times or more would be possible. I just hope they never nerf it and make it a spell you can disjunction.

    I think its better than the combat enchantments necromancers acquire. They all can be disjunctioned and the AI seems to make it a priority to do so.

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