Game abruptly ends in naval battle

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    I’m playing a tournament game (with the PBEM balance mod) and have had 3 crashes in a short time at the same turn.

    The first time I saved and exited after about 5 battles, as I record a summary of the turn and upload it to YouTube, so before I start the recording software I save and exit, launch the recorded and start recording the summary. In that instance the game got stuck in-between the game and the “Game Saved” screen, causing a black screen and application not responding.

    Second time it crashed is when I replay the full turn, starting at the naval battle.
    As you can see, the game have barely started, and the game crashes abruptly.

    The third time is much like the second one, but this time I get my hopes up and can attack the defenders a few time before the game crashes.
    The last time I play with the open beta (mac user) and debug mode, so I have the log from the game. But at the very end, where it should say the reason for the crash there is simply a time stamp and a blank space (attached).
    The last message in the log is roughly 1 minute before the crash:
    [08:41:25]TRECommandRenderModel::Setup() Not enough memory for Matrices

    There is also an “apple crash report” which I’ve copied over into a text file. Not sure it will bring any additional information, but I’ve attached it never the less.

    Any advice on what I can do?



    Hi marcuspers1,

    Thanks for the detailed report.

    One thing you can try that should work around the crash:
    1) With the Finder navigate to: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/AoW3/
    2) Create a new folder: Config
    3) Create a new file (in Config folder): Game.cfg
    – Path should now be: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/AoW3/Config/Game.cfg
    4) Edit Game.cfg with a text editor and in in the first line write: SHADER_SIZE=2
    5) Save file as plain text

    If this does not resolve the crash, then send a save game from before initiating combat to:

    Thanks again.

    Edit: Realising that it’s a PBEM; disregard the sending save game. Let us know if the workaround works for you.

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    Thanks for your suggestion Lascha!
    I did as instructed and created that file (the folder already existed).

    Sadly the game crashed once more.
    At the very same place as before.

    I’ve attached the log report from that session.

    Is it possible that a PBEM save gets “corrupted”, meaning that its not possible to continue?

    1. log0419_1919.txt


    Hello devs,
    Is it possible for you to look into the crash file/log and let me know if you have any further suggestions, as the workaround Lascha suggested didn’t work.

    The tournament game where these problems are happening is currently on hold, so would appreciate any feedback you can give.



    Hi marcuspers1,

    If the workaround doesn’t work then it is most likely something that would require a patch to be uploaded. This is quite some overhead for the devs, and it’s extremely busy for the devs right now (for still secret reasons) which makes it unlikely that it can be looked at in short term.

    As for the question where the PBEM save gets “corrupted”: technically yes, but practically it’s unlikely. In case of doubt there’s functionality to revert a turn and then continue from one turn before. But I am pretty sure this PBEM save is not corrupted.

    However, in case that you have mods active in that PBEM then it is definitely possible that the save-game is not compatible anymore due to reasons such as a mod got updated or changed otherwise. It could explain the crash, but it’s hard to tell without a thorough investigation.



    Hi Lascha!

    Thanks for all your information, the issue finally came to an end.
    I switched to a Windows computer, and could successfully play my turn.

    Another things is that when playing on my mac, some of the naval structures appear as a blue square, but when playing on the Windows machine they appear as normal.

    Not sure if it’s connected with the Graphic card, and if that is related to the crashes at naval battles.

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