game doesn't launch – sound error [gentoo x64]

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    When I have other applications that uses sound running (like an audio player, chrome)
    AoW does not start. It crashes while loading just before the main menu.
    I have checked the logs and the difference is:

    [21:21:45][SOUND] [WARNING] Error initializing output device.  FMOD: Could not initialize the FMOD system.[ERROR]Assertion failed: "false" 
    [21:21:45]Message: Failed to setup sound system 
    [21:21:45]/home/lascha/Triumph/SourceSteam/Creator/Sound/Source/SESoundModule.cpp(35): (click to open)

    Some things to note:
    – other steam games do not have this issue
    – I can run multiple other apps using sound simultaneously with no problems, so i doubt its my system configuration
    – apps that use pulseaudio like skype do not cause this issue

    I want to help get this resolved, What are the sound configuration requirements for AoW? I can provide more info if needed.. Thanks




    – this issue does not exists when launching with : ./
    – it only exists when launching from steam menu



    Ok, this is pretty strange. It looks like FMOD (the sound system we’re using) fails to initialize. I don’t know the requirements for the sound configuration but it should generally log any compatibility issue if there is one. Do you also get this with the latest patch?



    yeah i get this on latest patch too.
    But it works fine from console so its not a big issue 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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