Game mechanics: the unit stack

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m a complete newcomer when it comes to AoW games and AoW3 is the first AoW game I’ve had the pleasure to play and being a die-hard Heroes of Might and Magic III and IV fan, from my point of view, I see AoW3 as a reinvented and remastered version of HoMM4, my favourite 4x game.

    Anyway, I have a really basic question about how unit stack works in this game.

    From my understanding, they basically behave like a stacked group of units that does less damage with lower health (or casualties), YET they have the ability to heal both during combat and outside of combat, is this correct?

    I just find it hard to believe a heavily weakened stack of 6 going down to 1 and then eventually going back to 6 again through healing.

    I’m too used to the Heroes method of unit stacking.


    Fewer units alive = less damage.

    A unit with 1% HP does the same damage as a full health unit.

    You are almost always better off killing a single unit than weakening several.



    you’re combining a few terms here in ways that are somewhat confusing. to clarify:

    a “unit” is a single component of a fighting force. “units” are what you build froma city. if you go to an elf city and double click on the “elf longbowman” icon, in 1 turn a single “unit” of elf longbows will appear in the city.

    a “stack” is a collection of “units” that act as a singular, compressed force on the strategic map. you can have 6 units to a stack, and a stack takes up exactly one hex on the strategic map.

    on the tactical map, each “unit” will be visually represented by a soldier, or in many cases, a collection of soldiers. if you see multiple graphical models that are all present on the same hex in tactical combat, that is a single “unit.” the number of soldiers in a “unit” is purely a graphical effect: it has absolutely no effect on fighting strength or anything else. there is no consideration to be made based on how many soldiers are on a single hex in tactical combat: all that matters is how much hp that unit has. as the unit gains and lsoes hp, this is visually represented by a soldier count, but that visual representation does not correspond to anything at all other than simply # of blows until that unit dies. a unit with 1hp can punch just as hard as a unit with 100hp.



    BB I think he’s talking about individual units.

    A “stack” in AoW3 is a term that usually indicates all the units (up to 6) on a single hex. Sometimes people apply it to armies that take up multiple strategic map hexes but it is not used for an individual unit in an army even though that unit map visually have several troops in it.

    Healing a unit that visually has multiple troops in it can be thought of as getting the wounded fighters back on their feet and in combat.

    Like BB said, a unit does not do less damage as it visually loses fighters / loses health. Most units innately heal 6 hp/strategic turn outside of combat but don’t heal inside of combat without outside help or special abilities.



    Great, thank you all for the replies.

    Much appreciated. I finally understand this aspect of combat now.



    Depending on your preferences, there is also a cosmetic option in the settings to make it so individuals within a unit don’t die until the entire unit’s HP reaches 0. It might help with getting used the the fact that reduced HP and the cosmetic display of fallen units as the HP goes down doesn’t actually mean the unit deals less damage.

    If not, then never mind.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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