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    Ok, so i’m doing the halfling campaign, 2nd one. And i’m building up my towns, got some eldritch horrors going and the naga have started clustering at their towns whenever i move my one army within sight range. So i check out their one base, doesn’t have walls. Where they spawn the blobs.

    Lots of shamans, their damage range is reading 1-2, 1-2, 1-3. Most of the AI army is filled with the shamans. There’s 3 stacks there in roughly each army, and some naga. So i go on in to the fight, and here’s where things get ugly.

    Those shamans start attacking my horrors and their doing 11-11-12 on them, 3x. REALLY one shaman stack is doing 90+ DAMAGE in normal difficulty. For the total of its 3 volleys, at longest range. What the hell is going on here?

    So i get wiped, and have to restart. I figure the client broke something like many of the bugs i’ve discovered, and have to reset the whole client by completely exiting out of the game to clear it. So i go back, redo the same fight, with the save file and its fine. Their back to hitting for their normal ranges that was listed. I take the town, and plunder it. Next turn, the naga guy sent 4 stacks of armys and what happened was the bug came back into effect, so i get wiped. Exit client completely, reload it, and its fine again. I dunno what you folks broke, but it should be fixed sometime.

    And if you can’t fix it, then stop trying to fix it cuz your only making matters worse.


    So many game companys these days, for online gaming. Will only hire coders, who use homer simpson as a job ref.



    Followup post: Was playing *normal* difficulty, and things were doing roughly 3x their listed damages, without being on any walls, or higher elevated terrain to aquire said bonus’s. They were not flanking me, my horrors were looking directly at em.

    There’s also a bug in the game, that allows never-miss specials like entangles on the player, where they land roughly 95% of the time. There’s no way to see any rolls to save against it, but with their listed abilitys for the strength of their skill, vs the resist strength of the mob which is usually higher.. Well you can understand this viewpoint. If my horror has 14 resist, and a skill is using a 8 casting strength. It should not work very often right? So why does it?

    Since i bought this game on GOG. I might exercise my 30 day moneyback guarantee, and uninstall / get my 60 bucks back that i spent on this. Given what i paid, for the deluxe and the 2 dlc’s. I would have thought there’d be more than 3 campaign maps from the expansions each. I had hoped for 6-8, but 3 each? How cheap can u folks be. The one dlc cost more than the previous dlc and the deluxe version combined.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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