General Abilities for buffing rarely used T1 units

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    Referring to the rarely used units in PBEM ( I had the idea of giving racial T1 Infantry, Pikemen and Archer units + Archon Revenant and Archer a „General“ ability on Elite level.
    One option to implement it would be to make them cast a Battlefield Enchantment like Thunderstorm until end of combat (can´t be disjuncted) / until the unit dies / until the caster manually ends it.
    The affect could probably be implement like „Cardinal Culling“ ( which affects only units of one kind.
    I´m not sure whether there are smarter ways to implement it but maybe you would have to click on an allied unit of the same type. All other units should be excluded.

    The logic behind is, that the General gives commands and all affected units follow his orders, so each should get the same buff (e. G. +2 Attack or +1 Resistance or Charge or Elemental Slayer etc.).
    Each T1 should get only one fix General ability once they reach Elite level. E. G. Elf Union Guard gets Charge, Human Longswordsman gets +2 melee attack, Dwarf Crossbow gets +2 range attack, 3-time shooter maybe only +1 range attack etc.
    The aim would be to make it more interesting to build a bigger army of simple units which should lorewise be used more often than it´s the case now.

    The Enchantment gets the name of the General (e.G. Elf Union Guard Command) and only one of it can be casted at once (like Thunderstorm). The enemy could be allowed to cast it as well though.
    As I said, it´s just a suggestion of implementing such „General“ abilities.





    I’d stay with my idea, not very distant from yours, to add a property to garrisoned only T1 units. If this idea can only be moddable by use of an ability, let it be.

    It would basically double the Warlord’s Honor of the Garrison.

    – unit is T1 Infantry / Pikeman / Archer (racial).
    – unit defends a walled town or fortress.
    – unit is of any rank.
    (- unit belongs to the defended city’s faction)

    The idea is to make a stack of T1 able to repel an assault from a stack of T2 at a varied degree of loss in autocombat.

    I let the details to MP players and balance experts, but basically, and using existing abilities, those units would benefit from:

    • Greater Mighty Meek: +1/2/3 ATT to each of their damage channels, both ranged and melee. Or possibly only Lesser Mighty Meek
    • Seeker: ranged attack are not subject to obstacle and range penalties. If I’m correct regarding range penalty, this would have roughly the same effect as doubling the +2 wall’s range bonus, without actually giving an extra range (3+2+2 = 6 and 6/2 = 3; 5+2+2 = 9 and 9/2 = 4; 7+2+2 = 11 and 11/2 = 5). Regarding obstacle penalty, we can consider that the elevation bonus cancel such penalty. Sadly, these bonuses can’t be restrained to units actually occupying wall hexes, and they would make shooting from the rear line much more efficient. But shouldn’t this be the case when defenders can be directed from the walls, and attackers can’t see into a walled city?
    • Blessed: +2 DEF/RES. Immune units could get the corresponding effect, as this is to make for the protection that walls offer.
    • High Morale: +200 Happiness. Undead are understandly not affected.
    • Volunteer: halved upkeep cost, or a new “Citizen Watch” ability that would stack with any other upkeep cost reduction ability/spell. I think that this feature is quite a must have, because frankly, against the AI, upkeep costs are far from preventing you to garrison towns with a few T2/T3 units, if you’ve built a strong economy. Virtually free T1 garrisoned units could change this a little. I think that a 2 gold upkeep cost (1 gold for already Volunteer units) would help maintaining a full stack of T1 units in most towns until the end of game.

    As for the Volunteer ability, there is testb’s Garrison Mod, but it applies to both T1 and T2 units.

    Alternatively, regular T1 garrisoned defenders could benefit from some Command abilities, as well as from other abilities, that would be generated by build city upgrades. See the Enhanced Garrison mod by CapitaineYolo, except that only said units would benefit from the building, not any defenders. Using CapitaineYolo’s mod (or his general idea), it would even be possible to have racial defender bonuses (remembering AoW2 city enchantments).

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