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    I was thinking to myself, when vassals get involved into combats, they can lose units and never be able to replace them. And only way to fix this is to buyout the city and then grant it the independence again for it to replenish it’s ranks but comes with a disadvantage for it will lose any experienced soldiers.

    I have done this several times.

    Which leads me to this suggestion, I could produce units in my own cities and then march them over into vassal’s borders and gift them. It could be made so that it only accepts racial units due to their lack of knowledge to use specialized class units.

    Thanks for your time.




    I sure like the idea. Also if I ever start to have problems with upkeep I’ll just dump my units in vassals. In the end I’ll have a vassal with like 10 full stacks of Tier3s! 😀
    But of course with a hard cap of how many units a vassal can have this issue could also be taken care of.

    So yeah, I am in favor of the idea.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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