Hero Upgrades based on Player Properties

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    Is anybody aware of a workaround that lets me restrict Hero upgrades on player properties ?

    The goal is to have to research some skills/have certain specs, which will then enable certain hero upgrades based on them.

    I can not currently figure out a way – Hero Upgrades seem to only have restrictions/requirements on other Hero Upgrades, not on unit properties/requisites.

    I -think- that the required class will let me enable a set on just your leader, but thats….rather sub-optimal. Because after that we lose all choice.






    If I understand what you want to do, I believe it is possible. cbower managed to change the abilities available to heroes and leaders (then limited only to leaders) based on researching a skill. Before Produce Evangelist is researched, Convert is Lesser Convert, and then when the skill is researched, it’s upgraded to Convert (or you can choose Convert directly). That’s effective on the balance mod.
    I think he described a bit how he did it on the forum (though I didn’t understand anything of what he said), you should be able to find it back by searching his posts.



    That’s not a Hero Upgrade, that’s an ability. That’s not to hard.

    What I want to do is have a Research Item change a unit in such a way that you can pick another Hero Upgrade – spending hero upgrade points. Just adding a property is easy. At least, when he did what I thought he did. Any chance I can get a look at that .acp file ? The editable version ?



    That’s a hero upgrade, not sure why you say it’s not.
    You have a Theocrat, it can take “Lesser Convert” at level 9 on the balance mod. When you research Produce Evangelist, it can then take Convert at level 9 (Lesser Convert disappears). If it had already taken Lesser Convert, then it is replaced by Convert in its unit panel.
    We did the same for other upgrades, like Charm, Control Undead, etc.

    I’ll check with Zaskow for the .acp, I guess yes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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