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    So, I mostly play RTS and a bit of MMOs (Age of Wonders is the only turn-based strategy game I’ve played), and I got the habit to use hotkeys to give orders or open various menus. The few hotkeys I found in the Options tab were mostly for things like Quick Save, not commands like “Open Research” or “Produce Unit”.

    This is no big deal because 1) AoW3 is not a game of speed, and 2) it only takes a couple of seconds to move the mouse, clic and move it back to the main window, but multiplied by the number of spells I cast and the city menus I browse, I feel pressing S to open my spellbook or A to produce the Archer unit would be more efficient and save a fair amount of time.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m alone on this due to my RTS background, but the last patches made the game far more interesting to me and being able to bind keys would definitely improve my experience.



    Well, you’re not alone.

    I also like optimization on the UI.

    Hot key and key binding like in most modern rts is good idea.

    Or have several hot key slot both at the lower side of the screen both at strategic side and in tactical side. It’s nice if one want to cast city enchantment or hit enemy stacks with strategic spell (e.g: lightning storm) multiple times without always opening the spell book then clicking the spell every time.

    Maybe not needed in classical turn setting, but in simultaneous turn, player will want to be able to hit enemy stacks with multiple nuke before it run off or cast other strategic spells on his enemy or his own units and cities.

    This hot key slot will be helpful.



    Honestly, no matter what’s your “gaming background” or whatever, there’s no reason to argue against this. Except, maybe, that the time and resources spent on this could be spent on improving other things. But this would improve user experience greatly for many people, anyways, so I think it would be worth it.

    I approve of more default hotkeys for fast menu navigation. I also approve of allowing us to bind hotkeys to some “menu actions” we want to repeat over and over, like for example selecting Leader Spells we want to cast.

    Group the Racial/Class units/buildings production keys into Racial Irregular, Racial Infantry, Racial Archer, Racial Pikeman, Racial Support, Racial Cavalry, Racial Tier III, Class Unit I, Class Unit II […], Racial Siege Defense Structure, […], Class Building I, Class Building II, […]. That wouldn’t work for Dwellings, though, as they each use completely different building/unit trees, if I’m not mistaken.
    Now I’m wondering whether that could work under the current coding, if the code supports things like “Add to this city’s production queue the Archer unit that corresponds to the city’s race“. I’d assume it would be possible, but you never know.





    The purpose of this thread is broader than just production.

    I personally don’t feel strongly in favor or against – but that might just be me being used to play this game with the mouse.



    The hot key help so much in simultaneous turn.

    It also help in fasten the game pace. Especially when you play XL maps with so many things to do, the hot key is a super huge help.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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