How do i get Tier 4 (or Tier 3) units from specializations fast

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    As title say, I played a session where i planned to make some Chthonic Guardians and make some strategies around them, but we ended up ending the game before i could even see the research pop-up in my book.

    So my question basically is ; what are the prerequisites in the spell book in order for the Tier 6 spell of your specialization to appear?



    I go mainly to t4-unit-spell. All other lines are more or less random.

    And, naturally, the prelist is: T1 spec unit -> t2 -> and so on.

    I research at the beginning two times spellpoints growing spells, afterwords one of spec-unit spell, one spell-points spell one after another. Sometimes I take any needed other spells, if they are payble (takes not too long) and avaluble.


    The Mentat

    Summon Cthonic Guardian is a Tier VII strategic spell (it has a blue frame). You need to have a Tier VI strategic spell before it can get available. So basically research as many strategic spells as possible if your only aim is to get this unit.



    The research book always tries to get a spec skill in. So if you research more spec spells than class spells, you’ll have a higher chance of it being available. There is also a rule that it tries not to put in too high tier spells until you’ve researched some other spells first, but I don’t know the exact ruling on that one.



    Do what the previous guys wrote and spam “seek inspiration”



    Research ONLY the strategic spells, and give priority to everything 3 tiers under your target (so Tier 1-3, since the guardian is T6.), and after that priority to spells that are NOT granted by your class.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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