How it works protection against effect

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    vota dc

    In AOW 1 resistance protected units against effects. For example a unit with 10 resistance would take 100% poison damage but rarely would get poison debuff. On the opposite a unit with poison resistance but low resistance would get poisoned but lose less hitpoints.

    In Aow 3 we know that resistance allow to lose less hitpoints from non physical attacks. It works against effects too? Are there any abilities that works with that? And the weakness? Elves have blight weakness just mean they get more blight damage or they get more chance to being poisoned too? Expecially with fire weakness it would be strange that a unit is more vulnerable to fire but don’t have more chance to burn!


    Protections work against effects too.

    For example let’s say “throw curse”, a blight ability, (attack 10 <- made up value) is targeting a unit with 20% blight resistance. The blight res. will lower the ability’s effective attack by it’s value so in this case the curse would have an attack of 8 which would then be calculated against the unit’s resistance.



    Off the top of my head I can’t guarantee it, but I think I’ve seen an enemy unit with a much higher than normal(for their resistance value) chance to be affected by a blight-type effect when they had -80% blight weakness(combination of factors). Likewise, I think I’ve seen units with lower than normal chances to be affected by the same effect when they’ve had blight resistance.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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