How to create good and cheap garrison? I have PBEM/Single player rebalance mod

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    Having 3 or more stacks on city will guarantee, that you will always have at least 3 unit stacks defending your city.

    What units from each race, specialization, class and dwellings are best suited for garrison for each tier?

    Tier II/III/IV units have 2x/4x/8x higher maintenance than tier I units.
    I want to have cost effective garrison for early/mid game
    I have PBEM/singleplayer balance mod.

    Can 3 stacks of Tier I units behind stone walled city annihilate stack or two of tier III units?

    Of course such garrison would be susceptible to area of effect/battle field damage spells?

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    Don’t have a garrison. Clear all sites that spawn roamers, then just keep an eye on borders with AI’s. Garrisons are far to expensive. Detailed behaviour of your roaming defense should depend on whether it’s AI or player enemies.

    A 3-stack garrison of T1’s costs 18*4 = 72 gold per turn. A metropolis generates 40 gold. That means you need 4 gold mines worth of treasure sites on average to get even, and that’s without any offensive army.



    Not even with rebalance mod?

    Then what about best mobile garrison?

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    If you are dealing with multiple stacks of T3 units, that’s really not a job for a garrison. Your main army should be dealing with that. If you want a secondary defence force for when your heroes are out doing things, the most important thing is going to be scouting.

    Build watchtowers around (and even outside of) your domain. These cost zero upkeep and can give you a couple turns of warning if an invading army is coming. Also you most likely want to build roads between all your cities, so that a centralized defence force can reach any of your borders faster than the incoming army can.

    If you are really set on fighting a defensive battle in a walled city, I guess archers and support (priest) units are going to benefit the most from this. Apprentices and musketeers are great if you are playing a sorcerer or dreadnought.

    This is a game where the best defence is a good offence, though. Generally you want your leader and hero stacks to be constantly clearing out treasure sites and gaining experience. Trying to do this between your empire and the enemy empire should allow your main stacks to intercept the biggest threats directly.

    For cheaper garrison options, many goblin T1 units get “volunteer” after getting a few experience levels, which halves their upkeep cost. With the medal structure and the T3 structure, I think they’d be produced with this ability. Alternatively, a theocrat hero with “vow of poverty” or any hero with an artifact that reduces upkeep could be used in your garrison, but then you’d have a hero on dedicated garrison duty, which probably isn’t ideal.

    All of the above should work well against a computer opponent, but against human players it gets a lot harder. Humans are likely to exploit concealment (especially rogues, druids, and goblins in the underground) so seeing incoming enemies can be a lot harder.

    In general, scouting and attacking are going to be better options than building defenders.



    For the small garrisons, having 2 archers typically suffices.



    What about this mod?

    Is this actually balanced?
    I don’t want independents sneaking behind my frontline :p


    This version doesn’t require other mod.



    I think that the AI might not correctly estimate how strong garrisons are with that mod, therefore it might make it to easy. Your choice if you use it tho. But you’ll have to maintain a few units, otherwise the mod won’t kick in.



    It just at best stack of T1/T2 mix but should be good enough against independents.



    If you’re looking at more than one stack in your garrison, in my mind, that isn’t a garrison. That’s an army that’s been put on the defensive.

    Most roamers can be fended off, as people have said, with a couple of archer or support units, or even irregulars. Multishot archers are probably best, since defending troops probably aren’t going to need to be moving much. High Elf longbowmen or hunters are probably best of all for the no range dropoff, followed by Goblin Swarm Darters. When it comes to supports, Frostling White Witches are probably the best bet, especially if you can combine them with longbowmen, hunters or swarm darters for the no range dropoff, and you can use their buff before the attackers even come into range – Draconian Elders have a similar buff, but are more restricted on who they can put it on. Worst case scenario they can put it on themselves, though.

    Trebuchets can be used in city defence, but they’re probably overkill against independents.

    If you’re really worried about the walls being rushed, you might put in a dedicated tier 1 melee unit or two. Typical roamer groups won’t reach the walls if you have a couple of archers, but if you get multiple groups at once or something, that might be an issue. To be honest, though, unless you’re expecting to get rushed by multiple high-speed flyers or teleporters, you might be better off just having more archers and supports.

    The stacks that come from Haunted Boneyards will have a good chance of overwhelming any garrison that is reasonable to put in a city. You’re generally better off intercepting them through a larger mobile defence force (if not your main army) or, better yet, taking out the boneyards if reasonably practical.

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    2 cents from your local tinkerer:
    – If a city is just producing gold / Mana / knowledge, release them as vessel, and they will automatically be garrisoned. A vessel will garrison a city with a force greater than you can afford to.
    – You only need a few unit producing cities, for these garrison with tanks. A small force of flame or frost tanks will turn away any but most dedicated assault. 1 single stack with 4 tanks, 1 engineer and a cannon will send packing everything that isn’t stacks of T4 flies.
    – You will only need more garrison than the above if you are lighting beacons. In that case you should keep your main army nearby anyways.
    – I am not as familiar with other profession. I’d imagine since they are more mobile, they rely more on their main armies for defense.

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