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    Hello everybody,

    The v1.5 Update release will accompany the release of our upcoming Eternal Lords Expansion. The Open Beta for the Update is intended to make this release as smooth as possible and to allow us to incorporate feedback from the community before the actual release.

    What has changed?

    • We made updates to alignment, diplomacy, etc. Including the addition of race happiness.
    • We made updates to independent cities, including the addition of vassals.
    • We added PBEM Multiplayer support.
    • Naturally we made balance changes both in response to community feedback and in preparation for the Eternal Lords Expansion.
    • And we did a bunch of smaller updates and bug fixes.

    For the full patch notes and additional patch notes during the open beta see – and subscribe too – the Update v1.5 Patch Notes topic.


    Some important things to note are:

    • It’s a Beta. We are pretty happy with the build as it is but we expect there’s still some issues for us to fix. Please let us know if you run into them.
    • Save game compatibility. If you load a pre-update save you might run into some issues, such as: strings not being displayed correctly, units not having the right abilities and possible crashes and instability. I.e. Old saves might not be compatible with the new patch. However we’d like to do some tests to see how much incompatibility we can fix. There will be things we cannot fix, but we’d like to see if we can fix the crashes and serious errors so people can at least try and continue playing if they want to. To do this, we need *your* old save games! : D> Any save game produced with the current official release will do, though we’d prefer saves from the middle to later game. If you’d like to send us a save to check, please email it to us at: Please use ‘Save game compatibility’ as the subject line of the email and add a description of what is going wrong in the email itself. Thanks.
    • PBEM games. We encourage you to try PBEM, so you can tell us what you think about it. However, if we need to go in and fix or change things for PBEM there is a chance we’ll invalidate current matches. Luckily the chance is pretty small. We’ve been testing PBEM in closed beta for several months and have yet to break any PBEM games. In addition, the PBEM service will be free for the duration of the open beta. We expect the PBEM service to stay free, but this is pending bandwidth usage.

    Additional Reading:

    How to switch to the Update v1.5 Open Beta?

    • Right Click ‘Age of Wonders 3’ in your Steam Library and select ‘Properties’ from the menu that appears.
    • Select the ‘BETAS’ tab in the ‘Properties’ window.
    • Set the combobox to ‘Update_v1.5 – Open Beta’.
    • Close the ‘Properties’ window.
    • Start the game to force an update.

    Or watch this video.

    For people playing on GoG. Sorry, due to the number of updates we plan to do during Beta running the open beta on GoG is not practical. GoG currently lacks a system to support fast updates and switching to a beta branch.

    Thanks for helping us make the game even better : D>

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