Huge Gameplay Lag after Latest Patch

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    After the latest patch, 1.2, my game lags severly as long as any of the AI are still taking their turn. Any input to the strategic map, picking up/ equipping an item, moving a party, or building a city etc. takes 10-30 seconds to register. It also heavily affects accepting quests, and often I’ll have to accept a quest multiple times to get it to work. Finishing quests also often doesn’t yield the reward. This is an issue in every map or scenario I’ve played, regardless of size or number of players. Once all the AI are done their turns, it returns to normal. This issue was not present until the latest patch.


    Dear Brometheus,

    That’s strange, we did not change anything that could cause severe performance loss since the last patch.

    Can you try disabling the “wait for gpu” and “ssao” properties in the graphics tab?
    Can you also monitor your cpu levels and fps?

    If you have an antivirus running, please try disabling it and see if that fixed your problem.



    Oh and make sure you are not running in debug mode, there are additional checks there that could cause some slowdown… You can find the debug mode toggle in the miscellaneous tab of the launcher.


    Thanks for the replies guys,

    Both “wait for gpu” and SSAO are already disabled, so those are not the problem. I have fooled around with debug mode, but it is turned off too. My CPU spikes at about 45%. Disabling my MalwareBytes antivirus did help a bit, but there is still a good 5-10 second command delay.

    Thanks for the support, and congrats on making an awesome game.


    So although your systems resources like ram, hard disk space, video card memory and speed and cpu are not getting maxed out, the game still lags so much? O.o
    There must be an external program interfering with the game then…

    Could you send us your system information (installed software) to with a link to this thread please? That can help us find out what the problem is…

    here’s how to get the system information:
    Goto Steam -> Help -> “System Information” and copy paste this in a text file.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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