I love this game!

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    New customer here and I just loved this game so much, I finished the Elven court campaign and now doing the commonwealth one and I love the attention to every detail, the variety, the nice balance between empire building, hero/units leveling, and spells (the rogue strategic spells especially are super nasty… Is the sorcerer the only one who can stop them with that dome spell?), well done.

    I wish there was a specific evil race though, like chaos warriors, so that I can make it my own Magnamund Lone Wolf Scenario (still gonna make it but I guess I will have to use Draconians? who’s the most evil looking?).

    Who’s the best race and class? I think rogue and sorcerer are the best classes, even though my favorite is archdruid. Race wise, they are all well balanced tbh and they feel very different despite not being too different. I like elves and draconians so far because of the fire and shock damage which is good against late game tier IV units tbh. Goblins are good early on but after a while their blight damage becomes useless…

    I also love the camapaign story and that goblin rogue in the elven court who thought she was pretty lol



    glad to hear you enjoyed it ^^
    the game has that much more depth to deliver 🙂



    I am also happy to hear new people are still coming!
    And about the bad guys: I’d propose Draconian Necromancer with Shadow Master,they are particularly brutal 🙂



    I never finished a single campaign mission so I’m a true random map player and right now most of all a PBEM player, but yes… this game is amazing and awesome.

    Indeed nice to read a post like this so long after the game actually was released. Actually this game probably didn’t get the recognition is deserves in the state it is right now, but alas a lot of games have to endure that faith I’m afraid. Just like many games get a huge playerbase while they really ain’t that great.



    Thanks lucaluca, glad to hear you like what we made : )>
    GL HF & Enjoy!



    I love this game too!



    Most evil combo that comes to mind is Orc Theocrat

    AoW3 is the best TBS right now – HoMM7 failed so hard ); Disciples is dead, WarLords died after the horrible 4th installment…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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