i want my reaper back!

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    i just heard that the devs will have all races share he same top tier units. i see this as a killer!! i mean imagine what forms of bizzare combinations this can cause. an undead titan?? and this can get even worse: a dwarf titan! i mean this is simply and plainly streamlining the game. i want my reaper back just like the old times (aow1) with the invoke death ability! guys please i need your opinions ont this.



    I still don’t see where it was said that the undead will literally be an entire race of undead archons.  In fact I have not seen it said that the undead race will include archon-like units.  Someone please point me to this.



    this was only an example. i was just trying to make a point about the weird results this can lead to. it doesnt necessarily have to be an undead titan. i can well be an archon doom wolf (who knows for sure).  and btw about the undead titan i read this in a dev’s reply to a post on aow haven. ill look for this link and send it to u.


    I am wondering if the furore over the exalted being the same (the angel debate) has now led to all races sharing the same level 4s. To the OP, I haven’t heard anything anywhere about the racial log 4 being the same. The class specific units, which APPEAR be the same no matter the race (I.e. goblin angels, eleven engineers/stepdaughter, and the resultant hue and cry) are EXTRA units, on top of the racial roster. This is partly why I’m not worrying overly much about theocratic units all being similar. That, and also because I suspect that, if they are similar, then the mod community will be all over that.



    There are definitely undead titans – the undead giant that’s shown in a number of screenshots is recognisably a skeletal form of the AoW2 titan. That was the observation that lead to the reveal that (some of) the archons have become undead (here: http://www.ageofwonders.com/topic/undead-or-archons/).

    That said, the impression I’m getting myself is that the high-end units aren’t exclusively class units, it’s that the class units are lined up alongside the higher-tier racial units. At least, that’s certainly what I’m hoping for.



    If you want the Reaper that badly, you still have Age of Wonders 1 and Shadow Magic to play :3

    Besides, nothing is truly set in stone. The Undead may not even be a race for now 😛

    I’m personally excited about the idea of having something like an Undead Titan, could be cool to play around with these customizations :3



    Having just got here, I’d like to say that I’ll be glad if I can have such a thing as industrious goblins, which is what existed in AOW1 Dark Elf campaign before they seemed to degenerate in AOW2 universe.



    Wtf are you guys talking about? I guess you’re new to the forum

    You cannot have an archon doom wolf Wtf you do not combine races.

    The only reason you see an undead titan is because archons HAVE become undead in the compaign. They suffered a tragic fate.

    Depending on your leader class you will get some extra units low level, ranged, and high level. But undead titans has nothing to do with that. It’s not because of the class. This is how archons ended up…



    undead Titan might be nice, but cannot possibly replace the reaper. There are styles and asthetics too and interesting abilities. While aow2 reaper was more of a heavy hitter unit with many passive abilities, the aow1 reaper had invoke death and was more of a tactical high level unit, he was useful killing uber heroes, but no match for a dragon.



    +1 vote for the Reaper! 😀


    Agree with reaper and the potential issue of identical top tier units.

    Please also give your vote in the following thread, reaper:




    Noone ever said there would be identical top tiers -.-



    As Dio said there will be racial units not just leader ones.  And this is again just personal taste. I found that undead Titan far better than any of the past reapers.


    I thought it was more so being an Undead Theocrat that allowed you to get these Undead Titan things 😛



    I said it like 2 times. It’s a titan because it’s an ARCHON not because of a leader class. Why do people not pay attention to me? it’s high school all over again



    and this can get even worse: a dwarf titan!

    What’s wrong with that? Dwarves were allied with giants in the first Age of Wonders. I missed the giant units a bit in AoW2.


    @thedio: do you have proof that you’re correct? maybe that’s why people didn’t listen to you in high school, either 😛


    So you guys think that Exalteds are not top tier units?



    Ok let me rephrase.

    You pick a race. This race will have top tier units no matter what.

    You chose a leader. You will get a top tier unit dending on the leader.

    And there could be even more than that. SO SOME top tier units might be “similar” like goblin angel/human angel BUT not all are. Which means the undead titan is an effect of the RACE “-undead archons” and not the leader class.



    Yes, I hope you’re right. I wouldn’t wanna play a game where each race shares the same top tier units… But if it’s still like in the previous games then it’s totally ok, of course.
    And the comment with the modding community isn’t fair: It’s not the purpose of a modding community to make a bad game playable, this is still the task of the devs, instead the modding community exists to make an already good game more diverse and rich in variety.


    Yeah, I hope so too, Dio.
    Still, we have NO proof yet that every race WILL have a racial top tier unit aside from the class unit.
    In AoW2, there was only one real top tier unit, right?
    We have seen so far that Theocrats will have Exalteds, who SOUND like being a top tier unit.

    So far, you are the only one promising things here, TheDio, not the devs.
    Really hope the devs will keep your promises.



    well this “Would it help if we said that, yes, indeed will you have core units of each race that do not change with class and that serve as the base of the class-race combination? Then there are the class units, which add to your pool of available units. So it’s not as if class units are the only units you’ll have: each race will still have their own flavored units.”

    was said by narvek, a key master. It’s not solid proof but What i’m getting from his reply is that class will only “enhance” the army, not maximize it.



    There I wrote about reaper aow1. But it will be very difficult to balance.


    So what you’re saying is that the Undead Titan could be a result of being an Undead Theocrat?

    Even if that’s not the case and the new Undead race is an Undead version of the Archons, I am going to eat it all up because Age of Wonders is just that yummy ^^

    But that’s me personally, and there has been talk of having the Necromancer as a leader class, so that could have the Reaper or something similar to the Reaper as a top tier unit, although I’m not too sure how balanced an insta-kill ability would be to bring back again 😛

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