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    4 first race (assassination + flowershire + 2 common for both sides)
    4 Lizardmen –> 3
    4 Dwarves –> 3
    4 Orcs –> 3
    4 Dark Elves –> 3
    4 Elves –> 3

    (Bolden Mine)
    Unless I’m very mistaken…

    Anyhow, those were still campaigns, and much..thinner than the current ones due to the lesser amount of possibilities in there. That means more maps, but less depth per scenario. Partly because once your leader was leveled for a bit it was just casting your enchantments on it and running around crushing everything in your path with 10/10/10 Att/Def/Dam, high HP and Life Stealing/Wall Climbing. Haste enchantment preferred.



    I’m 99% RMG. Can’t find it in me to work through the scenarios. They always feel a bit hokey (sorry).



    Whoa that’s alot of stuff!



    Wow… good stuff! 😀



    Very nice look these numbers, although they may have to be even higher. I like this game.

    I play in all game modes.
    Campaigns 10% – I like to get to know the stories of the universe.
    Scenarios 10% – in fact I’m playing in one (challenge Khan). I do not like symmetrical maps.
    Maps generated 80% – There were underground to improve on if they are empty and ugly caves. I would add also some creatures which are formed on the water and crawl onto land.

    As for the scenarios I would prefer this style to the story mini campaigns. Or a battlefield where the map would be different. Something like Europe, where each player would be a little different situations, for example. The first began in the islands, the second in the mountains with additional gold mines but they were there to habitat aggressive creatures, and the third would more cities to start but a rather poor areas. I like the hand-made map.
    I would buy the DLC maps or campaign.

    When you get the opportunity to buy Eternal Lords on steam?



    99% RMG here as well, for now.

    This number would drastically drop though if the map editor allowed for randomly generated maps to be saved within the editor. This feature would allow me to 1) fine-tune maps rather quickly for personal use and 2) likely let the amount of workshop maps skyrocket.

    As one fellow poster already mentioned, I also love starting more or less from stratch with a very small army and only an outpost or even a settler, but almost no scenario provides this as far as I know.

    PS. Very nicely done, Tibbles!


    Jolly Joker

    Indeed, with the RMG being so good, scenarios are the least interesting thing, as strange as this sounds, since I used to love a good scenario.



    I’ve had a complete reversal going from SM t AoW3. I never touched the rmg in SM and only played the scenarios and now it’s 99% rmg and the campaigns of course. Scenarios have really fallen of the radar for me.

    That’s true for me too.



    I’m a campaign player myself mostly, random maps after that (the RMG is really excellent for this game!) and have to say I only play scenario’s that have a little background story that is closely tied to the lore/campaign stories like “Elven Resurgence”.



    Some more numbers 🙂

    If you take out all duplicate units(only difference is racial inherit abilities and +1 -1 stats here and there), you still end up with 190 unique units for AoW3 vanilla
    With expansions that is 279 uniques!

    As for Skill/ Spell ratio
    Vanilla has 132 Empire upgrades, which leaves 204 Spells in vanilla
    Expansions have 163 Empire upgrades, which leaves 261 Spells.

    So Vanilla AoW3
    190 Different Units
    132 Empire Upgrades
    204 Spells

    Expanded AoW3
    279 Different Units
    163 Empire Upgrades
    261 Spells



    With the RMG this good scenarios are less important. So I think triumph made the right choice not to put too much effort in scenarios.

    When modding tools become available, I think, scenarios will become more popular again. There are of course story-wise things you can do in a scenario that the RMG cannot.

    A scenario has the added benefit of story.



    What about SM skills. Peace keeper, WarMage etc..

    The numbers are impressive, however to play the devils advocate here SM felt more diverse despite the numbers. More different and unique unit type
    s, ballistas, air ships and monsters, karagh/ leprechauns pit fiends and more significant spells .It’s the reason there have been many we want x units/spells back threads. The class units are aesthetically pretty much same repeated model, human orc crusaders or manticored difference is minor, should that change someday with future or mods Age 3 willl feel alot better in this regard.


    What about SM skills. Peace keeper, WarMage etc..

    Underdeveloped version of class empire upgrades.



    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>Astraflame wrote:</div>
    What about SM skills. Peace keeper, WarMage etc..

    Underdeveloped version of class empire upgrades.

    Astralflame is right, an oversight on my end 🙁
    it would add 16 SKills to both SM and AoW2


    Great overview Tibbles! Nicely done.

    Regarding numbers, atm the only thing that AOW3 is lacking behind is customer created content. This is ofc to be expected as AOW3 is newer. For AOW-SM there are a lot of good maps & mods with many new units like Brave New World. I am kind of curious if Brave New World beats AOW3 in terms of number of units.

    We spent less time on standalone scenarios in favor of the RMG’s development and community made content.

    We should do a poll on how many people play the premade stand-alone scenarios compared the random maps and campaigns. We see very few posts scenario specific stuff.

    Although I really like scenarios, I think it was a good choice to put effort in the RMG esp. providing many options; so everyone can set up a game to its own liking. For pre-made scenarios this is more difficult. There are still good scenarios in AOW3 but for replayability RMG naturally wins. The RMG is just pretty good; only the underground is a but lacking atm.

    Still we can use some more user generated scenarios; a good suggestion from Joni to increase customer created maps:

    … (to allow) for randomly generated maps to be saved within the editor. This feature would allow me to 1) fine-tune maps rather quickly for personal use and 2) likely let the amount of workshop maps skyrocket.



    I do like scenario’s! I loved those history/lore scenarios in AoW1. Also the fanmade scenario’s for AoW:SM, like Secrets of Marlenia among others. Great maps with a lot of RPG content. Please keep making those! Anything from The Groll is great.

    I’ve seen some nice scenarios already on Steam, for instance a remake of First Conflict. Maybe I’ll try my hand at one, but my skills aren’t great.

    IMHO RMG become the same after replay and replay. But maybe it’s me.



    This number would drastically drop though if the map editor allowed for randomly generated maps to be saved within the editor. This feature would allow me to 1) fine-tune maps rather quickly for personal use and 2) likely let the amount of workshop maps skyrocket.

    Not sure if I’ve correctly interpreted all of what I’ve read about the game.

    Is there no integration between the editor and ramdomly generated maps? The RMG ought to be a very handy tool for helping those who would like to design their own scenarios starting from a randomly generated map, and I thought that was how it indeed worked in Shadow Magic, although that was a long time ago. The AoWIII RMG, from what I’ve read, is a major improvement over the one in Shadow Magic, but if it does not integrate with the editor and therefore cannot help in the creation of more fleshed out and distinctive player-made scenarios, that’s something I’m sure hoping will be improved.




    Can I ask, in the AOW3 unit numbers did you include each class unit * the number of races, or did each class unit get counted only once irrespective of race?

    I’m wondering as (while technically different races) functionally the same class units from different races don’t feel all that different from one another and I wouldn’t consider a class unit as 6/7/9 (depending on number of races) units, rather it is one unit.

    He definitely counted class unit * number of races.

    I hear what you’re saying, but then we’d have to do the same for the other games as well. I mean, the difference between racial class units is, IMHO, far more pronounced than a lot of the differences between lower-tier units in earlier games.

    I mean, look at SM. The five new races (Tigrans, Draconians, Nomads, Syrons, Shadow Demons) are all fairly unique, but the ten other races are almost identical at lower levels. I mean, what’s the difference between Elven Swordsmen, Human Infantry, Frostling Raiders and Orc Axemen, again? It’s not like every unit is the same, but I’d still argue that there’s more diversity among AoW 3 class units than among a lot of AoW 2 basic units, which means the whole “We shouldn’t count units that are basically the same, just different races” argument would really complicate things for all three games.

    (I would actually argue that AoW 1 was more diverse than SM at lower tiers, simply because the fact that the stats only ranged from 1-10 meant that even a small change could have a huge impact. Remember how Orc Swordsmen were terrifying because they did 4 damage instead of 3? AoW SM had statistical differences between the different lower tier units, but to be honest they had so little impact that I barely even noticed, let alone cared)



    The five new races (Tigrans, Draconians, Nomads, Syrons, Shadow Demons)


    Nomads, Syrons and Shadow Demons are new to Shadow Magic, yes, but Tigrans and Draconians are not. I suppose the latter ARE new as of Age of Wonders 2, though.

    With Tigrans filling the desert niche of the lost Azracs, and Draconians filling the reptilian niche of the Lizardmen. Of course, both were quite different from what they replaced. 😛

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