Improving Secret Spells

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    Zaskow did a little brainstorm on how to improve the current secret spells.

    You can find a list of vanilla Secret spells here –

    Here is what Zaskow thought:
    “Summon Dire Penguin – I know that this is spell for fun mostly, but it’s not good when you get spell with such crappy summon as reward. Delete it from most rewards or/and reduce spell cast cost or/and buff Penguin itself.
    Summon Kobold – again spell with crappy summon unit. In my balance mod I planned to add this spell to Destruction sphere and buff Kobold itself.
    Summon Water Nymph – currently this spell is too expensive for summoning water only creatures (these units have convert abilities and one is T3, but still). Buff the price as prior change. Moving this spell to Water sphere would not very good addition I think.
    Summon Blight Elemental – moving this spell to Destruction master sphere (like Air, Earth etc). Decrease research cost by 100-150 RP – this elemental isn’t so great.
    Summon Feathered Serpent – good as is I think. However, some nice ideas are appreciated.
    Summon Spirit Elemental – same as blight elemental, but for Creation master.
    Summon Phoenix – good as is or move this spell to Fire Master as ultimate summon spell (other spheres could have similar spells too).
    Summon Bone Dragon – good as is I think, but non-Necro players will be not very happy. Maybe we should implement some very low regen for Bone Dragon?
    Summon Obsidian Dragon – mostly good, but must cost same as Phoenix spell. Making this spell as ultimate summon spell for Destruction sphere???
    Anti-Magic Field – extremely good spell if you have troubles with mana/CP. Vanilla version can’t be disjuncted – should I fix this or no?
    Arachnid Horde – pretty horrible spell imao. It needs to increase numbers of summoned units to 2-3 at least or/and add some t3 spiders to possible summon pool.
    Frost Missile – plain and boring nuke spell. Maybe add some flavour? Some debuffs (freezing!), additional area of effect whatever.
    Great Healing Showers – great candidate for adding to Water adept. Maybe delete randomness from it if moving to Water sphere? If no – making more than 1 possible targets for every round. Add Drenched status effect for a few rounds as flavour.
    Great Immolation – weak spell for its price, decrease price (greatly) or increase possible targets per round (from 1 to 2-3).
    Great Life Stealing – very weak spell for its price. Add one Greater Life Stealing instead normal Life Stealing (or even Life Drain???).
    Great Reawakening – I’ll check this spell, didn’t see it in action. If it resurrects any unit (friend or foe) it’s pretty useless and even harmful. Possible changes: resurrect only your units and 2-3 units can be resurrected instead of 1.
    Great Stoning – possible addition to Earth sphere. Maybe I should decrease incoming damage, but increase possible targets (to 2-3 from one)?
    Chant of Unlife – spell is overpriced. Similar Raise Dead is cheaper and has greater instant effect. Increase possible targets as variant?
    Hailstorm – spell is too random and useless as result. Transform it into Greater Stoning analogue with bigger area/damage. Possible addition to Air sphere.
    Mass Bless/ Mass Curse – good as is I think. Possible additions to Creation/Destruction sphere.
    Recharging Mana Currents – spell is too weak I think. Increasing of possible targets is strongly recommended.
    Shock Missile – plain and boring nuke spell. Maybe add some flavour? Some debuffs (stunned!), additional area of effect whatever.
    True Resurrect – good as is I think.
    Wild Magic – deleted spell it seems. I can recreate it. Should I?”
    I also found this topic brainstorming about new Secret Spells:



    Currently, they’re in the same reward set, which I think is a bad idea. I’d split them, and add a few of them to the Vault of Knowledge reward set, being the following:

    Summon Dire Penguin – spell is great.
    Summon Kobold – Maybe make it slightly cheaper in sustain, but don’t buff the kobold. It’s strong for a T1 already.
    Frost Missle – Could add chance for Frostbitten. Wouldn’t let it freeze tho.
    Shock Missle – Same as Frost Missle, but shocked would be weak. Slightly higher damage perhaps ?
    Summon Water Nymph – Good as it is, perhaps slightly cheaper.

    That would also make these a bit more accessible.

    Then for the rest:
    Wild Magic – was just removed for name confusion.
    Blight/Spirit Elemental – are great. Fine if you add them to the spheres, but don’t remove them from the reward sets. The other elementals are there too.
    Summon Phoenix
    Summon Bone Dragon
    Summon Obsidian Dragon
    I think all these are fine. Adding them to spheres is probably skewing balance incredibly.
    Arachnid Horde – Making it two a turn would be fine I think, but not more. All of them have Web, which is really strong to summon in for free.
    Great Healing Showers – We cannot make this targetted. It just picks random allies. If you want a good buff, you might want to make it not affect enemies. That’d be huge.
    Great Immolation – Agreed, it’s weak. I think 2 or 3 per turn would be great. However, make it a copy – it’d be far to annoying for sites like a Sphinx Temple, where you can only ever have 1 stack yourself.
    Great Life Stealing – Yeah, I agree. Greater Life Stealing would be perfect.
    Great Reawakening – It only targets your units. However, it’s 1 per turn and they die at end of combat. I was very disappointed to find that second thing out. I think it’s good to make it 2 per turn and still have them die, or have them survive after combat.
    Keep in mind, this allows for experience farming.
    Great Stoning – Great idea you got. Agree 100%
    Chant of Unlife – But raise dead only gives cadavers, where Chant of Unlife can give T4’s. I think this is fair.
    Hailstorm – Currently, works against you 50% of the time. However, it’s really strong to have it target enemies guaranteed. Still, I think that’s a good idea, but half it’s damage.
    Mass Bless/Curse – No, don’t add them. They’re really strong to just have.
    Recharging Mana Currents – 2 targets sounds fine to me. Alternatively, have it bestow a 2 turn 10-HP boost as well, non-stacking.
    True Ressurect – Yeah, is good.



    Oh yes, i was bold enough to try hailstorm in a live mp. The fight took 10 rounds and the spell hit me 4 times and the enemy only once . I had to cancel my own spell to not risk loosing the fight. And it cost me 40cp to cast.
    I just want to add this because i experienced this a week ago and was looking for any thread related to this topic.

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