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    I’m not promising anything, but if there were another tournament, who would play?

    Also, this is *not* TS backed, so you’d be playing for kudos.

    OR, you buy into the tournament ($5?) and winner takes all?



    Have been reminded that anything involving money is likely to cause drama. Tournament would be for kudos only.



    There is actually 12 players currently interested in a live MP tournament!
    They are all here:
    And I was actually thinking about contacting you to help launch the tournament! 🙂 So good timing!

    The infrastructure is there and ready at The Battlefield with a PBEM tournament currently ongoing, with roster: and stats:


    Ahh looks like you have it well in hand. I only thought about it because I actually played an mp game today(lost terribly), and someone said they had problems getting players (which was my tournament was started in the first place).



    No, no, we don’t have it well in hand. I’m not organizing this one and Markymark certainly needs help organizing it (he proposed the idea months ago and it still hasn’t started). So I think if you don’t help with it, it won’t start.


    I don’t understand. You have a better website than what was previously used, and you have the players, and you already have a pbem tournament going on. What else is needed?



    Well, it seems obvious to me: someone to move things forward.
    The PBEM tournament did not organize itself alone. If I didn’t send message regularly to say when a new round starts, to look for players, to look for judges, to judge myself (saying screenshots are missing, asking to stop the turn timer, etc.), and if Markymark did not correct bugs, judge, do the operations required on the site, etc. it would simply not have happened!

    A site and players are not enough, you need an organizer. And we don’t have one.



    Yes, Hilidian had talked to me -try easy same in Live MP – 12 Players are here. We Need 8 Players for a Double-Elim Tournament

    Okay, posted one:

    A pay in with 5 Euro or Dollar and winners take all is a nice idea.
    And maybe 10% for the site admins.

    But i know it is hard to find Players, so maybe just an idea.



    @BBB: Are you interested in a tournament? I try to organisate one with the community together, since now, we have 4-5 Players for sure, i think….When we have 8 Players, we can talk about rules and Settings and maybe you can help us with your experience!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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