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    So, I’m able to launch the game, and at least go into a combat encounter.

    However, I’m only getting an abysmal 5 frames per second. I’ve watched for but not seen any posts describing the same problem. I’m willing to entertain the idea that the problem is me.

    I have Fedora 20, xfce, and the catalyst drivers installed. My video card is an AMD Radeon 5570.

    Both Civ 5 and Xcom work but at slightly less quality than if I boot windows and run them. Minecraft runs at acceptable framerates as well and even is comparable with a windows’ run. Is this a good indication that the problem isn’t on my end?

    Is there something I can fiddle with? Is this a known problem?



    Your graphics card is pretty much at our low-spec limit. So I do expect it to be a bit slow. You could try to use mesa drivers, from what I’ve heard they’re faster than the catalyst drivers.

    We’re also looking into performance improvements but I can’t promise anything on this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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