Is there an EXP bonus for killing a unit vs. just injuring him?

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    Also – what does “fumble” mean? Does it mean the unit can’t attack, or that it has stumbled, fallen and is vulnerable? Or both?

    Really curious how exp is determined for units. If there’s more EXP for a kill I need to micromanage my units a bit more to maximize their upgrades.


    Ice Age

    Killing units awards you with more Exp then just attacking them, and Exp is also gained by using skills.

    Fumble is the opposite of critical strike, if your units fumble they will do significantly less damage then a normal attack.



    Not certain if there is a special bonus for the last hit in my experience just attacking or using an ability gives you exp. As example using a priest’s resistance buff will level it.
    Fumble is the negative morale, like a crit but then backwards.



    Do you get EXP for letting units flee on the campaign map?

    Also, do you get EXP (or as much) for auto-resolving combat?



    Fumble means you will do less damage against an opponent. Sort of like a reverse critical hit.

    EXP is determined by various factors, based on actions and tiers:

    Each unit will get will get action exp per attack they make. How much they get is determined by what tier troop they are. A tier 1 unit will get 1 exp per action (Meaning a Longbowman will get 3 exp if he attacks an enemy from the green position). A Hero will gain 5 exp per action, and the Leader will get 6 exp per action.

    In addition to this, killing a enemy unit nets bonus xp relative to the tier of the enemy slain. A t1 kill nets 5 bonus xp, a t2 nets 10, all the way up to leader kills which net 30 exp for a kill. Note that you won’t gain action exp on the killing blow. (Example: Leader kills a t1 unit by shooting him 3 times with his bow. This will net 6+6 action exp and a bonus 5 exp for the kill)

    Knowing this, some micromanagement will help your units quite a bit in gaining xp. For example, I avoid killing t1 units with my heroes or leader as they would gain just as much xp by just attacking something once, while a t1 kill is worth 5 separate attacks for your t1 units. I also like to use weak ranged attacks through obstacles from my heroes on beefy enemies just to get that nice 15 action exp.



    I can confirm you level from auto-combat.
    Fleeing I havn’t tested. I would assume you don’t.



    Auto combat works exactly like regular combat, it’s just that the computer decides who’s attacking whom and when (If you replay the auto combat result you can watch the battle as it played out)

    You will not get any exp from fleeing units, as the only ways of getting exp is by actions or killing in combat, and there is no combat when you let the enemy get away 😉



    Do you get EXP for letting units flee on the campaign map?

    If you mean the “let them run” for e.g. indie units guarding a treasure site, you get good-alignment points for that – nothing more. But don’t underestimate the importance of being a good person – high morale is *awesome*.



    Piggybacking on all this helpful talk about EXP gains, I looked in the Tome and Settlers are listed as Tier III. Does this mean those times you catch an enemy Settler you should just plink away at extreme range to harvest EXP?



    The tier of the enemy you attack only determines the amount of bonus exp gained when killing him. Action exp is determined by the tier of your won unit alone. A T1 unit would still only get 1 xp per attack when attacking, no matter what tier the enemy is.

    T1 archer attacking T3 settler:
    round 1 archer attacks 3 times, gaining 3 total exp.
    round 2 archer attacks 3 times, gaining 3 total exp.
    round 3 archer attacks 2 times, killing settler, gaining 1 + 15 exp. (No action exp earned on killing blow)
    Total exp gained 3+3+16 = 22 exp

    T3 flyer attacking T3 settler:
    round 1 flyer attacks 3 times, gaining 9 total exp (3 exp per attack)
    round 2 flyer attacks 1 time, killing settler, gaining 15 total exp (no action exp earned on killing blow)
    Total exp gained 9+15 = 24 exp

    All that being said, heroes can “farm” settlers by plinking away with weak ranged attacks, as every attack they do earn them 5 xp.

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