King of the Hill scenario would be amazing!

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    For the previous iterations of the game I tried to create a “King of the Hill” style map where one or two PCs could defend the centre of the map against NPCs coming in from the outside of the map. The land in the centre is attached to each orbiting land by a land bridge, essentially forcing NPCs to attack the centre, which is defended by the PCs. It worked pretty well, and was a very fun map for AoW 2. I lack the skill and the time to create one for AoW 3, but thought I would put the idea here, in case anyone had the inclination, or the knowledge if such a map already exists?




    It is not too difficult.

    Wall of an island in the middle with eighter water or impassalble mountains.

    Then control the enviroment by turning if shipbuilding skill and ad a.i blockers fof the enemies.

    To improve a map like this you will need some kind of scripts to force a.i attacks. Make enemies have a “home territory” and spawn units for them every turn.


    Thanks for the reply!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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