Lags during simultaneous turns with AI – late game

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    Playing Very Large map with 7 AIs
    Three of them is my allies and two of them took a rather large part of the map atm.
    The problem is – it quite hard to play at the beginning of each turn, because everything is lagging. You cannot perform a simple action without waiting for 5-10 secs after each click. Feels like you playing in bad-optimized multiplayer 🙂 This is annoys very much and force me to wait till all AI players finish their turn before i can do something.
    here is a save if you want to check
    skip the turn and try to build/cast/move units/other action at the beginning of the turn

    i have some suggestions on this
    1. Give live players actions higher priority prior the AI, to make gameplay bit smoother.
    2. AI always have a whole legion of 1-unit armies moving around each turn, and seems he does it in chains without possibility to interrupt it by other players actions – this is probably what makes a human to wait for so long
    3. Probably, visible AIs (allies) increase the lag doing their actions longer than non-visible AI (just a suspicion)
    4. Optimize it somehow, add some “sleeps” around or something 🙂



    Even worse is that if you have an ally, as you can see all their pointless, aimless wandering around in their corner of the map, the game may decide to re-focus the camera every move they make…
    One game I couldn’t even try to click a move and wait those seconds for it to hopefully go through: the game suddenly decided that I had to watch my draconian ally wandering around in the southeast while up northwest our (common) orc enemy was attacking me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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