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    First off I’d like to say I’m glad this game is being made, and nearly crapped myself when I learned about it a few weeks ago. I didn’t think it was possible. One of my best friends is totally stoked as well.

    I looked through the FAQ and skimmed the “unanswered” section as well. Sorry if this has been answered already, but will you support LAN for local multiplayer? And if so, can we comp-stomp against AI players? Also, will the same autosave with option of manual saves still be present as in the earlier games?

    A couple friends and I still love playing Shadow Magic and having some beers together as nice relaxing afternoon from time to time. Online games are just not the same, so I was hoping that LAN would be included in the new game. We love teaming up on the AI in SM, no two battles play out the same and we can play at our own pace. Sometimes we’ll start a game, and finish it months later.

    I know it has not been decided one way or the other according to the FAQ, but I’d also like to say that I’d like to see support for Win XP, if possible, but it is not the end of the world if that doesn’t happen (just means one of my boxes will need updating…)




    I second this question. The recent anti-LAN trend in PC gaming is annoying and frustrating. LAN parties are a staple of PC gaming in general and strategy games in particular and it’s nice to be able to do that without having eight people trying to wriggle through one internet connection. I actually know a number of people who opted out of Starcraft 2 for that very reason.



    Indeed. You can count me among the few that completely passed on Star Craft 2 and Diablo 3 purely (well D3 had other reasons too) because they excluded LAN. And my friends and I logged countless hours on the predecessors to those two. I know I’m part of dying breed, but I refuse to buy any game, that I plan to play primarily multiplayer, that does not support local multiplayer in some form.

    Sad to say, I’ll skip this too if there is no LAN support. I really hope that is not the case. I love Shadow Magic.



    Sorry to bump my own old thread like this, but it looks like only one of my questions (playing coop versus AI, asked by someone else) have been added to the FAQ, LAN support is not even mentioned in the “unanswered” section. I know most people probably don’t care about this, but it is important to my friends and I who are huge fans multiplayer LAN games of Shadow Magic.

    Will AoW3 have LAN, with savable games as the other games did?

    As a side question of lesser importance: any word on working on Win XP?


    Red Key

    Win XP needs to die and stop holding back gaming. Even this article back from 2009 says so. People holding onto old hardware and operating systems is hurting the gaming and desktop computer industries.

    On a more positive note, LAN support would be great.



    As a side question of lesser importance: any word on working on Win XP?

    Lennart said it will work on vista and up, but they not sure about xp at the moment.
    Dont you think it would be high time to change to something new? 🙂 Its more than 10 years old. I was also a big xp user but i switched to Win7 2 years ago and i can say its much better.


    Red Key

    I wish I could edit my post but the time limit has run out I guess. I just wanted to add that Windows XP came out before AoW2: TWT. Man its old!



    Yeah, yeah. I knew I was going to get railed for mentioning XP, I even had a snarky remark about it typed at the end but decided to leave it out.

    I have several Core 2 era PCs at home and it is a mix of XP and 7 (64bit). XP can still have a place IMO, and my main gaming box is still rocking XP.

    Again, expecting to get railed on this, but it’s not out of any “holdout” mentality, it’s mostly that I don’t want to have to re-install everything and get all my settings to exactly how I have them now. And there is a crap ton I’d have to set up again. Any new gaming PC I set up would be rocking 7 x64. Mostly laziness keeping me on XP right now.

    Everyone hates on XP, but funny how it still runs modern games like Dead Space 3, Borderlands 2, XCOM (with some hacking), Devil May Cry, etc perfectly on full graphics settings for me. In fact, the list of modern games I care about that don’t support XP is shorter if anything. Notably, Bio Shock: Infinite.

    Anyway, I’ll stop here before this thread goes off the rails into an “why XP sucks” and “why console ports are killing PC gaming” argument.

    The thing I care about the most is being able to play AoW3 with my friends on my LAN.



    Mostly laziness keeping me on XP right now.

    Well, AoW 3 is the perfect cause to give up that laziness. 🙂 Especially if the devs cant guarantee that it will work on xp.

    Although we dont have info about lan yet, i dont think we have to worry about. Triumph is not like the bastard Blizzard 😀



    Although we dont have info about lan yet, i dont think we have to worry about. Triumph is not like the bastard Blizzard :D

    Yeah, you are probably right. Especially since they are offering a “play by email” feature, I’d frankly be surprised if LAN was not included at this point. But, I’d like a confirmation for the sigh of relief.

    When we get the time, “Beers and Age” at my place is a pretty important thing to at least one friend and I. :D



    Sorry to bump my hella old thread, but as far as I know nobody has ever answered my question about LAN support.

    Can someone in the beta please confirm if there is an option for LAN games or not?



    This was answered by a dev. I’m sure someone would correct me if i was wrong, but this is how i remember it being explained.

    You need internet to start a multiplayer game. It will always run through the Triumph Studios server to set up a game.
    Once a game has been established its a peer-to-peer affair.

    LAN games are set up in the same way. First you need to authenticate through the Triumph Server, likely for anti-piracy/fair-use reasons considering the GOG version of AoW3 is DRM free.
    And then once the game has been set up you are connected to eachother through your LAN and you shouldnt require an internet connection anymore.

    But everytime you want to setup a new game, or presumably resume an old game where you left off, you would have to go through online authentication again.



    Thank you for your reply. That sounds like a bit of a pain in the ass just to play a local game, but I guess we’ll make it work one way or another.

    For what it’s worth, I’m not someone trying to scam the system and play over hamachi or whatever most people associate LAN with these days.. I seriously have a LAN in my second bedroom for gaming with my friends when they come over for drinks.

    PS: for the XP haters above, you’ll be happy to know I’ve finally moved to 7×64 on my main rig, along side some hardware upgrades. 😀 Though, it looks like the devs ended up supporting XP anyway, so thanks for that as well!

    Looking forward to the 31st.



    LAN games are set up in the same way. First you need to authenticate through the Triumph Server, likely for anti-piracy/fair-use reasons considering the GOG version of AoW3 is DRM free.

    Will be online authentication required to start skirmish or company? Can I do without the Internet?



    Listen up:

    I see a lot of misinformation, fear, uncertainty and doubt here that is for the most part completely unwarranted. It is not a pleasant sight.

    Because the NDA has been relaxed, and because Triumph also asked the beta testers to talk about the game outside the official forums, let’s do a recap of what is known of the multiplayer side, and add a few bits that to my knowledge have not been discussed anywhere before:

    * MP supports hotseat, online MP and LAN
    * Hotseat has no online requirement (happens on one copy, so no issues)
    * LAN requires online connection in the setup phase, after which the online connection is not needed, more in a bit
    * online multiplayer requires an active internet connection (duh)

    Some more facts:
    * Steam account is NOT required for using copies
    * Steam account IS required for boxed copies, which contain steam key
    * Steam copies, copies and boxed set copies are all compatible

    Multiplayer game setup currently requires access to Triumph’s lobby server, which is why all LAN game computers must also connect there at the start of the game. Once the game is underway, they talk to each other directly, no internet required.

    It does not matter if there is NAT/DHCP or something else, because all players connecting from the LAN identify the player to the server through one of the following:
    * Steam account
    * Triumph Studios account (i.e. the forum account)
    * possible multiplayer online code (for boxed sets and/or copies, not quite sure about this. Eador: MotBW had a multiplayer code when bought from GOG, so there is precedent)

    Before somebody starts screaming about DRM, take a deep breath. copies are DRM free in that there is nothing to prevent the owner from installing on e.g. his home desktop and his laptop, but what it does mean is that only one installation at a time can be used for multiplayer. This is not exactly an unreasonable measure.

    When you fire up the game, you also have the option of starting it in guest mode, i.e. not logging in to the game with an online profile. So you can play in offline mode too. I have not tested how that works, because for beta testing purposes it has been far more convenient to just log in with the Triumph account (even though the beta is on Steam).

    From what I understand, some of the particulars of how all of that works are still works in progress and I can’t say anything more than I already have anyway without running afoul of the NDA.


    The biggest obstacle are the file sizes, which are so large just 20 turns in that most email service providers will just discard the messages as too large, even if you compress the bloody thing. So for a PBEM or equivalent service, it would probably require a dedicated server for turn file upload/download and a system to identify games (something like the llamaserver for Dominions 3 and Dominions 4). There is nothing to prevent Triumph from actually documenting the APIs to facilitate third party servers in this regard if they add PBEM functionality like this.

    Then all it requires is someone (either Triumph themselves, or a volunteer third party) to run a server. Note that this bit about how it could be done is pure speculation, since Triumph Studios has said nothing about how they intend to go about implementing PBEM. This is one possible way and it deals with the problem of overlarge attachments by circumventing traditional email service providers by simulating it on a different platform.

    Note also that the particulars of just how exactly all of the things enumerated in this post work are subject to change if Triumph decides to alter things before release, so do not treat it as the infallible truth. I’ll roast the tailfeathers off the first person who does.

    Hopefully this addresses some of your concerns.



    Yes that was the source i was refering too. Thanks for sharing, always good to bring it up to the front because this is an important topic to many people.



    Thanks guys.

    Forgive my ignorance and perhaps this rates a new thread, but in the cases described above how will the licensing work for the game? The only games I’ve really played off of GOG are so old they don’t care if you just have one copy and LAN it with four people or whatever.

    From the above, they will want me to buy four licenses of AoW3 to do the same here. Does that mean creating four different GOG accounts and downloading the game four times to get the four online keys or whatever for accessing the MP lobby? Can I use the same GOG install and just pay for and create the the online accounts a different/separate way?

    Has any of this even been decided yet?

    I plan to go the GOG route, because I don’t want to deal with Steam and like to have a DRM free local copy of the install, but I’m having some trouble wrapping my head around what I need to do to LAN this with a couple people at my house. I’ll honestly never play the game online.



    You could have both the Deluxe and regular editions of AoW3 on GOG, but additional multiplayer codes would probably need to be bought. No idea how that has been organized (or if).


    This approach is ridiculous. I understand the issue of cracked/torrented games, but this aggressive approach to blocking a fun lan has ended my desire to play the game. 8 friends want to give this a bash and we have to pay near over 1000$ for a quick bash? Stupid.



    This approach is ridiculous. I understand the issue of cracked/torrented games, but this aggressive approach to blocking a fun lan has ended my desire to play the game. 8 friends want to give this a bash and we have to pay near over 1000$ for a quick bash? Stupid.

    Math much?

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