Launch, Reception and first update plans

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    Good work on the game, I am already really addicted.
    Looking forward to the patch.


    Knossos II

    when i use the summon fantastic creature i never get cockatrice i have been trying this in last 3games what sums it up to over 95 summon fantastic creature spell. so is there some kindof bug?



    <P>That units retain their fighting strength, even while they “fall”? People, get real, the eyes are playing tricks on you. No one ever complained in games where it’s the other way round: STACKS, represented by ONE creature (HoMM) not changing optically, even though their performance drastically decreases when creatures of the stack die. It’s a compromise in order to be able to display all units in a good size (Eador hat problems in that regard, for example). Everyone ever playing HoMM KNOWS, that changing this would increase the strength of GIANT creatures that come in single portions, and DECREASE the strength of all formational units, because they would be attritioned into uselessness QUITE soon. The 8x4HP squads would be next to useless after the first exchange, which would mean the whole game would have to be rebalanced FUNDAMENTALLY.</P>

    Totally agree with this, balancing would be really difficult, and as I’ve said earlier in this thread I like the compromise Triumph have done. It is just the new visual style which is causing some issues for peeps.

    For those people that have expressed a desire for that to be changed however, what do you think about my suggestion I’ve already mentioned? This would be to have a check box in the options that when ticked, DOESN’T kill any troops in a formation until ALL of it’s health is gone at which point ALL the troops in the unit die at once.

    For the record, I love how things are now and if such an option existed I wouldn’t be using it, but for those people that don’t like that a “weakened” unit (in their eyes per the visuals) still does full damage, it would remove that issue in a stroke and not mess with the mechanics.

    I guess I’m trying to suggest a way to please everyone 🙂 (Including me)



    When is the update schedualfly for release?



    Hello, as we are speaking about ‘Disjunction’ I would like to raise a question:
    “How do you feel about possibility of changing ‘Disjunction’ cost of BENEFICIAL City enchantments? By increasing ‘Disjunction’ cost by 20%”

    I have played AoW3 quite extensively since it’s release date during that time it came to my attention that a lot of leader vs leader encounters turn into ‘All you can Disjunct’ brawling match.
    I feel this is especially sever for classes such as sorcerer and archdruid since they can either have buffed cities(or unbuffed enemy cities) or actual combat units leaving them at significant disadvantage compared to warlord or similar class. I feel that increasing the mana cost(casting points) for dispelling beneficial enchantments would positively affect game play(not only for caster classes).

    Could you share your thoughts about this prospect?



    Maybe You’ll be able to add variety to terraformed terrain? Right now it looks monotonous, with same “type” everytime



    No word on the tier iv units spam festival? Is this what they want for their game?



    @letzt aren’t the changes to slow down T4 production by making the researches take longer as well as some changes to town production enough for you? (at least for now) Let’s tackle the issue for a little longer instead of nuking it from the orbit. If the changes turn out to be insufficient, more will be pushed out.



    Loving the game so far team. Huge AOW 1 and 2/sm fan and now 3 =). Was scared at first but you guys came out TRIUMPHant. Looking forward to seeing how things go from here. I was expecting things to be a lot worse on your release…as that seems to be the trend with a lot of companies now, kudos team for doing things right!

    My only real gripe is not being able to select undead/dark elves/frostling type as a main starting race…hoping there are plans for such but the small encampments will suffice for now…in the meantime I am having a blast playing this.

    Great player community as well, love reading all the posts and overall great suggestions.



    Also…whoever did the work on the map and tomb of wonders…flippin awesome. Sometimes I wish I could play the entire thing completely zoomed out =)…and the tomb…thanks for taking the time and attention to detail on things probably not as thought about.



    @letzt aren’t the changes to slow down T4 production by making the researches take longer as well as some changes to town production enough for you? (at least for now) Let’s tackle the issue for a little longer instead of nuking it from the orbit. If the changes turn out to be insufficient, more will be pushed out.

    I really hope so mate because I really want to play this game but knowing that I will be dissapointed by the spam again, I refrain from doing so , I like this game , the classes the units the strategy and managing of towns , the battles , the music , it is almost perfect , almost….




    Great game so far, I even took extra day off to have 16h game :), Things I love most are:
    – lots of combination and good AI on Emperor, I do love that in campaing AI try’s to kill me heros that forces end game 🙂
    – randomising initial hero
    – lot’s of spells that are usefull
    – leveling up and RPG kind of hero development
    – great random maps!

    Things that I would prefer to be different:
    – units are too close during battle, in some occasions I’m being charged on the first turn of combat (I would prever having opportunity to have more units per hero…), also unit placement seems to be random, that is critical for tactical part…
    – the R&D is too fast, upon having like 6 cities developed I can research almost every spell within one or 2 turns
    – also upon having 6 or so cities mana seems to be no problem, I have 6k and more that I can’t spend
    – in second map of Elves Campaing it seems that you can support many stacks of Lv4 with no issue moneywise…. that discourages to mix units…
    – I would also prever to have like 4 spheres to pick up for my hero… maybe it could be added when dlc comes with new spells and races? I would very much like to specialize in one of the spheres, but then I have only 1 last pick to get… it forces to many replays to check what best spells do, but it would take forever
    – I would also like to have more units per race, but it’s not critical

    That’s all so far, the tactical map unit being so close is a real nuisance 🙂

    once again, I do love your game, any info on DLC that you can share? 🙂



    So what’s next on the agenda for patches?



    So what’s next on the agenda for patches?

    bear cavalry for archdruids



    At the moment the devs have not said much. Given how quickly they responded to feedback with the first patch, my guess is that they will be making tweaks for a while now. I would think that they are enjoying some well earned time off before they do much else.



    points made that I agree with:

    I’m not a fan of the battle mechanics with armies doling out a full-strength attack after being severely damaged. Or a retaliatory attack at full-strength. Adding a tick-box to support both damage mechanisms is probably not feasible because the unit stats should be tweaked to one or the other.

    Wall climbers should be unique and weak with their main purpose to climb the walls and come back to open the gates or reach some special goal behind the lines.

    Flying units shouldn’t take melee damage, just projectile damage. And there needs to be an altitude ceiling so you can’t fly over mountains like they were nothing.

    I desperately need an SLI patch. You’re killing my video card and frame rate.



    why resurrect this post?



    And why resurrect it to raise a bunch of dead points long since agreed would be needlessly complicated and bad for the game? Combat is fine. Wall climbers are fine. Flyers are fine. And units getting weaker after taking damage wouldn’t work with this combat system.

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