Legend of SuperCrow – Emperor Slayer.

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    So I’m playing Emperor and I’ve got not much in the way of armies or anything since the game just began.

    I play on very slow normally without city founding so games take a while to get going but I’m beating up on Wazul the Goblin Warlord because he left his throne lightly protected. I took his throne but he came back with a tough army that leveled most of my main and only army. It’s turn 16.

    I had a crow out scouting ahead and he had found Firak’s Throne City. Sensing that my army was losing strength, which it was due to my war with Wazul, Firak decided to threaten me extort me for some cash. I refused and declared war on him because I’m trying to play evil and why give him the evil points for declaring war on me?

    Ok turn 17 and now I’ve got ANOTHER war. My crow sees Firak all his might against me. My decimated army is camping in Wazul’s old capital which is about 2 turns distance away from the three full stacks with stuff that will totally destroy me like a Dire Bear, Spy Drones, and some Goblin Big Beetles. Here my rogue leader just researched scoundrels, so yeah I’m in trouble.

    But there’s one thing. I noticed that old Firak left just one Spy Drone guarding his throne city. I looked at my crow and looked at his spy drone and thought hmmm.. “I can do this!”

    So I attack and notice, oh crap not only a spy drone but the city is protected by firestorm pillar. I take some damage so I quick dash my crow over the walls. And like that all my spell points are gone for this turn.

    I attack the spy drone and somehow I win, my poor crow takes some damage from the resulting explosion. I think SuperCrow has about 20 hit points and a castle all to himself. I set Firak’s city to RAZE just to get him because I have no hope of actually holding this with 0 spell points and one crow. Do I?

    I hit End Turn and turn 18 begins,
    Firak’s armies aren’t very far away. First up Mirra the Well Oiled charges at me. I fly my little crow out of range of her gun, and hide behind the walls the firestorm pillar will get her. I spend all my spell points on some poison blades and between that and some firestorm pillars she goes down! I had to let her take a shot that got supercrow down to 7 hitpoints so that she stayed around getting firestormed rather than entering the city where the firestorm won’t attack her any more.

    Still the same turn and next, a Draconian Raptor attacks me. And the gate is still busted from Mirra that just broke it. That sucks. I notice that if I fly over the wall onto the battlefield he will chase me and then I just fly back and forth over the wall. He has no ranged attack so he dies of firestorm pillar.

    Supercrow lives! But now, during this same turn, Firak decides to quit messing around and directly attacks me himself along with two accompanying spy drones. I fly around and Firak’s drones bunch up and take firestorm damage. After a couple turns of Firak beating on a different gate, one explodes miraculously and spectacularly. Firak has positioned the other inside the fence of the hole in the gate that Mirra had created a couple battles ago. Firak himself is beating on the south gate and I’m watching. I have to fly over the fence to draw him away from the game a couple times but Firak notices that he’s taking too much damage and starts to run away! Huzzah SuperCrow laughs at Firak. The Spy drone withdraws from the city and blows up giving Firak some space, will he be able to withdraw out of the battle and live to fight another day? End turn and nope he doesn’t quite make it lol.

    Firak himself dies. Game over Firak on turn 18. And so I bring to you the story of the SuperCrow, praise be to him.



    And that, children, is why you should never leave your throne city lightly guarded.

    well played smeagolheart.


    Supercrows, a.k.a. Flier exploits against AI ;).

    Fun story :). More please! Maybe you can get the crow to champion? I don;t know ayone who has managed that yet!



    glad you liked it, I don’t know if supercrow will last the whole game but his story just needed to be told.



    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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