Let’s Play Video revealing Archdruid and Random Maps

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    Today we have an all new 18 minute Let’s Play style video for you. Our resident narrator Tombles, shows off the newly revealed Archdruid Leader Class
    [See the full post at: Let’s Play Video revealing Archdruid and Random Maps]


    The video is absolutely great!
    Also note the new Class info of the Archdruid at the top of the screen!

    Each time a new class is revealed it becomes more difficult to select which one to try first.



    Amazing video! These past years I had lost my faith in game developing, the old games were dead and the new ones were dumb. THANK YOU TRIUMPH, thank you for proving me wrong. It is clear to us that you enjoy making this game and that’s why it turned out so good.

    On the video : I’ve been here since the start on the forum, and I have to say I was confused and worried about a couple of things, like alignment, non-spell casting classes, artifacts heroes leader etc etc. The more videos I see the more sense this game makes. So far it seems to me as a greatly improved version of the old games! Its just amazing really…



    Excellent video! But i have a small request. Please change shaman’s mask 🙂
    I think it needed a more neutral version of the mask for this unit. I would just like painted face and rags. Now this African mask, but the druid class closer to the forest than the desert.



    Is declaring war always an evil action? Or could a good faction declare a ‘legitimate’ war on an evil one without themselves becoming evil?



    I really like the tribal aesthetic touch and the focus on summoning and controlling animals. This class really revolves around nature. Can’t wait to play this class myself.

    N.B. From 9:15 onward you can hear a remastered version of “Love and Death” by Michiel van den Bos. 🙂



    @ GreyCap its an evil act, but the alignment ‘penalty’ differs if you have peace or are neutral. Of course in the end all your actions will make up if your evil or not. So you can make up for it 😀



    I really think that artifact which allows to slash the upkeep costs by 50 percent is a game changer….I will keep my eyes peeled for the same one during multiplayer sessions 🙂

    ….if it make to final game 🙁



    I really think that artifact which allows to slash the upkeep costs by 50 percent is a game changer….I will keep my eyes peeled for the same one during multiplayer sessions
    ….if it make to final game

    I don’t think it’s too op since it’s just for one army. I was thinking the same thing when I saw it though, do want!



    loving it, so so awesome..



    Great to see alignment from actions now(as opposed to realm consisting of number of species), I especially enjoyed the offered choice of integrating other species.

    A couple of questions though:

    Will race-specific relations come back e.g. Orcs disliking getting pillaged/migrated themselves as opposed to approving of evil acts in general?

    Would integrating significant numbers of evil Orcs/Goblins<insertevilspecieshere> into my “good” empire affect the average alignment of my subjects?

    Likewise, would having most of the Orcs(or other commonly evil species) following my word of peace and general goodness change the alignment of Orcish peoples in general?

    It would be awesome if my dashing Dwarven rogue could, with time and effort, inspire Goblinkind into heroism(or similarly seduce the Elves into depravity) to the point of it being felt amongst Goblins or Elves living outside of my domain.

    tl;dr: Will the races have dynamic alignments in and of themselves?



    Races don’t have alignments in AoW3, the fact that the Orc town I ran into was evil was just a coincidence. So yes, you could easily control a race of angelically good goblins locked into a war against an evil elven empire 🙂



    a game like games used to be when they were great imo – you all deserve all the success i hope you’ll have with this.


    vota dc

    Epic video. I noticed the archdruid panel on the top has the botton “more stuff” like dreadnought, it means dreadnought and archdruid have more features to be revealed than sorcerer and rogue?



    Absolutely fantastic gameplay video. The fluid alignment system is perfect for this setting by giving lots of roleplay options.


    “Piggy, doggy, and a troll…”




    Oh yes! Some points:
    1. I looked at the random map, I liked it. I was a little afraid, because
    randommaps in AoWSM didn´t have my “pleasing” 😉 (didn´t like what the
    mapcreator- engine produced), but this looks phantastic!
    2. What a absolutely great video! Tombles at his best! lmao “I really dislike
    3. Can´t wait to play my archdruid-orc in my first AoW3 game!!!
    4. can´t wait,can´t wait,can´t wait,can´t wait,can´t wait,can´t wait,can´t wait,…



    Need to be careful about making war too “evil” an option. There needs to still be able to play goodie good alignment which doesn’t prohibit being able to use conquest which as always in this type of game is the biggest impacting play style. It’s very frustrating in a game with alignment like this when you carefully do things to gain good alignment and it’s instantly undone by one “evil” act.

    It is 200 evil alignment to break the peace treaty and declare war, need another way to get to war without instantly making you evil.


    Ice Age

    If some one declares war on you I don’t think this will count as an evil act, and since it seems making peace is a good act its kind of balance this out.



    Man, was the guy narrating a nerd… Which is good! He was obviously engrossed and passionate. Game looks great. Lots of depth and options.

    I am very happy about how the game’s perspective when in the world map. I feel that AoW3 has moved away from Shadow Magic and towards Aow1. What do I mean by this? Well, when I play SM I feel like I’m right on top of units, buildings, and the mounatins. The individual images take up too much space and dominate the screen. Whereas in AoW1 , you oversee a far less cluttered world.

    What I mean is that: Shadow Magic was a game that had units and locations surrounded by a world. AoW1 was a world with units and locations in it. I strongly feel AoW1 was the better of the two in that way. More engrossing and atmospheric. Aow3, looks like it really captured that.

    Keep up the good work, Triumph.



    Great Video! The whole game looks really good to me. The continuity of the long tradition of working on these types of games certainly lends an air of expertise, reminiscent of the guild system where after so many years of apprenticeship, and journeyman hood, masters would produce masterpieces. Which is what I predict
    AoW III will be.


    Piko LV

    RIP Piggy 2014-2014
    We’ll never forget you.



    But please! Show as the Theocrat! I hope that class will have a video too.


    Wow. Excellent video!

    And Tomble’s *gasp* moments are priceless, lol. Too funny.



    Hmm. Penguins look angry. Maybe cause there won’t be a linux version…



    every Let’s Play makes me more & more impatient, and more excited. and I agree it makes it harder to choose which way to start. I figure after the last revelation of the Warlord, we’ll get a firm release date.

    but….does Tombles come with the game? I mean, he’ll be in mine, I assure you. I look forward to every new play preview, 50% wanna see what’s up, 50% wanna hear T cracking wise on Piggies & hupsakee moments.

    my biggest worry is that after playing Fallen Enchantress to death (didn’t take long) and replaying some of AOWII also last year, I might be hexagoned-out.




    Actually although the Theocract link isn’t done yet, we’ve actually have video of the theocract in action and art work showing its units.

    The first video on this site was of a theocract I believe, you see cruasaders and evangelists and exalted in action fighting a undead dragon.



    my biggest worry is that after playing Fallen Enchantress to death (didn’t take long) and replaying some of AOWII also last year, I might be hexagoned-out.


    Join the club: I am also playing a lot of Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes–not because it’s good, but because there is no alternative. (AoW II or SM does not on my monitor at the resolution I want.)



    Great video. I can’t wait to see more and try out my own pair of magical slimey shoes of poison!



    I really enjoyed the video, thanks for the taste.

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