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    vota dc

    Like/Dislike/Hate doesn’t seem to work well. Should be like only for terrain kind (lava, mountain etc) while dislike and hate for the climate. But I have the option to dislike underground that isn’t a climate but a terrain type.

    In Aow_unitproperties.rpk there is dislike temperate, I can put in the race group (used for unit race default skills) but not in the race definition (used for city preference and for economical bonus) as a climate preference for the city. Because it would be weird that the troops of a race dislike temperate while the civilians don’t care!



    UG is a climate…

    Also, spells like Domain of the Sun and it’s ilk make cities and units like climates, so it should be possible.



    There are two things you need to change. You have found the thing that tells the Units what they like, you also need to tell the cities what to like. To tell the cities what to like, you need to find the Race Definition (in RaceLogic.rpk) and look for the “City Properties” list.

    If you can’t find something that changes the preference in a way you like, you can make a new one by adding: AoW City Property: Terrain Preference


    vota dc

    I already knew this, the problem is that some options are avaiable for units only.

    For example dislike temperate is already there, but selectable for units only (in group section or as an individual unit skill) and doesn’t appear in city properties list.
    The same is for like blighted and like subterranean (city can like cavern wall and dislike subterranean climate, but the already existing skill “like subterranean” isn’t avaiable).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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