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    This is a BETA build.
    The build may be unstable on certain devices. Help us find and identify these issues. See: Performance & Compatibility Test.

    Bug reporting:
    Before reporting a bug please read the Bug Reporting Guide.

    Known issues:

    1. Only tested on Ubuntu. Please report any compatibility issues.
    2. Fullscreen not implemented yet.
    3. Key bindings text not working yet.
    4. Custom mouse cursors not implemented yet.
    5. Some particles effects may be glitching/flickering.
    6. There is currently an issue with launching the game on 64-bit Ubuntu when clicking ‘Play’ in the Steam Client. Workaround:
      – Find the AoW3 steam install directory (Steam Library > AoW3 > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files)
      – Type: cd <AoW3InstallDirectory> (Replace by the directory found at step 1)
      – Type: ./AoW3Launcher.run ./AoW3Launcher.sh
    7. Sometimes text doesnt render because the locale is not set to en_US.utf8
    8. Switching between to ultra seem to work properly
    9. Game is incompatible with some linux distro’s because of case-insensitve content system


    Sent in my hwls data some days ago. Currently not able to get beyond the launcher. Is Intel graphics meant to work at all?



    Sorry for the late reply. I missed this post. Yes, it should work but there could be a driver issue. Could be the same issue as reported here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/226840/discussions/5/610575004108695313/



    Maybe I should not ask this question on this topic but could you please explain a little furthermore the workabout for Ubuntu ? You see, I do not understand where I have to type
    ” cd <AoW3InstallDirectory> (Replace by the directory found at step 1)
    ./AoW3Launcher.run ./AoW3Launcher.sh ”

    I know it must sound a little silly but I find these instructions to be a little vague. Though it is true my knowledge about computers is rather limited.
    I apologise in advance for my bad English.
    Have a nice day!



    You type it in the terminal. Shortcut is CTRL+ALT+T.

    Find the AoW3 install directory, the full path.

    In the terminal type: cd <AoW3 Path>
    Example: cd /home/lascha/.local/share/steam/steamapps/common/AoW3/

    Then type: ./AoW3Launcher.run ./AoW3Launcher.sh

    However, in my case I noticed I didn’t need the workaround anymore in the latest patch. So if it doesn’t boot for you with the steam play button, then post your logs and I’ll have a look 🙂 Separate thread if possible, or I’ll lose track 😀



    Yep, stuck in windowed mode but can’t turn up the resolution. Can I configure this manually in the .local or on launch. Fedora 21 w fglrx

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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