[Linux][Build 15739] Heap Memory Error – Start up Crash

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    Latest 15739 Build causing Heap Memory Errors on mobile AMD

    [17:15:00][ERROR]Assertion failed: “false”
    [17:15:00]Message: Heap Memory Error
    [17:15:00]/home/lascha/Triumph/SourceSteam/Creator/EK/Source/Memory/EHeap.cpp(34): (click to open)

    With some fiddling was able to get into the game but noticed in the log that there is mention of memory leaks.

    [18:31:46]Heap: Content – Leaking memory! (Allocations left: 3905)
    [18:31:46]Report for heap Content:
    [18:31:46]max system bytes = 387514368
    [18:31:46]system bytes = 339017728
    [18:31:46]in use bytes = 12730576

    Including log and hardware specs



    Thanks for reporting. I shall investigate this. For now please revert to the previous open beta version, like so:

    Steam Library > Age of Wonders III > Right click – Properties > BETAS > Enter code: d5ZTXswqZv9y

    You should now be able to select the branch: ‘update_v1.5_previous’. Switch to this branch. There will be an update.



    Hi there,

    I have the same issues exact issues with the same build

    1. kmf_specs.txt

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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