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    As a sort of pre-lude to the upcoming mod-tools heres a thread where I’ll list any mod I come across in the Forums.

    So,without further ado, here’s a list of Game Mods in this Subforum:

    Gloweye’s: Modpage

    I’ll try to keep this list updated, but feel free to comment on this thread to remind me
    Keep in mind this is all but a list with links to the respective threads, so don’t start discussions abour whether Mod A & B is the better one, k?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    Btw., if there’ll be a seperate subforum for mods, please feel free to move this thread (and give it a sticky 😛 ) at your own leisure. Thanks in advanve!



    Сode-name project “Returns of old races” 🙂 No named, if to be honest.

    В основном, мы говорим по-русски, но… there is a will? – we will find a common language! and – join us…



    sign me up:

    detailed mod Overview:

    My bigger mods will get their own page out there.


    Looking for people to brainstorm using population as a resource, to be used for buildings and units, alongside the existing mana and gold, and also as additional upkeep.



    BBB I can help as needed.

    Also, plugging my mod here.

    More units for every class, with crazy cool designs. It’s in alpha but it’s playable and fun so give a whirl.



    More units for every class, with crazy cool designs. It’s in alpha but it’s playable and fun so give a whirl.

    And you said that my balance suggestions were too radical. LOL



    More units for every class, with crazy cool designs. It’s in alpha but it’s playable and fun so give a whirl.

    And you said that my balance suggestions were too radical. LOL

    Ahaha yeah. This mod is NOT intended for multiplayer. It’s pretty much more of a single player oriented mod for funsies, but as I get feedback on balance I’ll be tweaking it anyways so that it’s not completely out of whack if someone does want to take it to MP. I’m definitely not practicing what I preach entirely with this mod though. 😉

    That being said, many of these units do come with extensive costs which I don’t really explain in any detail in the description. For example, the Arcane Archers can only fine from full actions points like a trebuchet, and still only have a range of 5. They’re incredibly powerful, but also incredibly easy to disrupt and disable.

    The Assassins lose assassins strike, and also take a huge damage hit because they lose all their poison damage channels, and their poison procs as well, making them more of a fast infantry than a bursty irregular.

    Alchemists lose sprint, sabotage, fire crossbow, and crippling wounds. In exchange, they gain their alchemist fire attack which is AOE, but hits for a lowly 2 fire and 2 poison damage. Hardly a standout effect, but the combination of inflict severely poisoned and inflict immolation makes them still somewhat dangerous, if not as reliably bursty and damaging as regular scoundrels.

    Some of the units are definitely going to need a lot of examination for OP-ness, such as the Cataphracts and the Feral Berserkers, especially. BUt I can definitely say most of the units here come with great costs which makes them unfit for performing the role of the base unit, as they lose many of the options that made the base unit good in the first place. 😉



    Operation JRPG. 😀

    I want to give AoW an overhaul. I keep it balanced, but focusing on making everything interesting and diverse. For example: Elven have the best archers, but humans got plate armor etc. Something could seem overpowered, but every player should have an option to beat it.

    -every race/class is different from the rest (will be restricted to 1-2 leaders for each race)
    -custom races (undead, darkelves, northmen, demons)
    -strong special race units which are restricted by number
    -custom models/textures (we got some 3d expertise)
    -hope to change some of the terrain themes and structures


    Self destruct is in the game and working nicely, so Bombers are in!



    I’m currently working on a mod that expands the number of Frost units in the game. I am planning to make Snow Serpents, Snow Spiders, Ancient Frost Elementals (T4 versions that are badass), and Ancient Frost Dragons. I started with the Ancient Frost Dragon from the base Frost Dragon model. I made it 20% larger, a bit different colour, and upped its stats quite massively, I estimate with the current stats it’s effectively T5.5, which makes me classify it as ‘badass’. Here it is:

    I still want to add some Frost damage symbols to display on the sides of its torso between the legs, on the forehead, and on the wings. The forehead is probably difficult due to the horns, and I really don’t know how to do this easily. The colour I’m also not sure on yet, I think I want the symbols to be somewhat darker, with sharp contrast to the rest of the body, but not so much as to remove the frosty character in the colour (if that makes any sense). I want it to look magical and badass, but still realistic. If anyone actually has a clue on how to do that (or wants to help me out on it), let me know.



    Gonna throw the landscape Decos I make for my campaign into a mod called “Decodence”

    Just mentioning early enough for compatibility reasons.



    Hi here is a link to my mod Warbreed replacement replacing High Elf and Dwarf Warbreeds with in my mind more fitting Elf Wardancers and Dwarf monster slayers.

    I still have to make new icons somehow. Haven´t learned yet how.



    I’d like to see a Warhammer mod! 😉


    I’d like to see your mod Epaminondas.



    Ok, I can’t restrain myself any more. There’s a typo in the topic name, it should be ‘projects’, not ‘projetcs’.

    Also, I’m making a mod which strengthens a bit strategical damage (and terraforming) spells. I’ll make a topic soon.


    that (the dragon mod) is up on steam. It is as I want it now, but there could be changes (or a giant companion) in the future.




    I’d like to see your mod Epaminondas.

    It’s a purely tactical combat overhaul that changes stats/balance/mechanics – no new units or features.

    The main goal was to make tactical combat 1) longer (I live for tactical combat), and 2) more realistic – in so far as a fantasy game context would allow.

    The main features include:

    1) Far more resillient units in general:

    Most T1/T2 units have had a dramatic increase in HPs – in most cases at least double – as well as a dramatic increase in defense/resistance. T3/T4s have actually had a reduction in HPs, but they are still more resillient than their vanilla counterparts due to a dramatic increase in defense/resistance.

    Also, lower tier units obtain far higher (individually adjusted) HP rewards for each upgrade. For instance, an 8 figure T1 infantry unit may receive 16 HPs per medal; a single figure T4 monster will receive only 2 HPs per medal.

    All this – in conjunction with the fact that damage is either unchanged or decreased – means that there are virtually never one-turn kills of units, and that units are engaged in melee for a while (I’d say on average 3 times longer than the vanilla game), enabling you to truly march block or pin units and execute a time-consuming tactical maneuver.

    2) A dramatic decrease in power gap among the tiers – at least in terms of resilliency or suvivability:

    While the gap in tiers have been reduced in AoW 3 relative to prior iterations, I still didn’t like the balance it created: Namely, given the reality of space limits, T3s and T4s were still too strong. Also, I felt it was “unrealistic” for the lower tier units to be so much less resillient than upper tier units that are ultimately “solo” units. So, as I’ve said above, lower tier units – because they represent an entire battalions or regiments – got a huge HP boost. While they still don’t have as much destructive potential as T3s and T4s, they at least serve as meat shields.

    3) Melee and ranged combat/units are dramatically different – as are foot and mounted/flying units:

    I hated the fact that melee and (most) ranged units have the same “range”; I felt ranged units should get several salvos in before melee units close. So I’ve dramatically decreased movement of foot units and increased the range of most ranged units. So an archer unit, for instance, can fire off several salvos before getting meleed.

    Of course, you may see two potential problems here: 1) OP ranged units; and 2) kiting. I’ve eliminated both problems the following way. As for the possibility of ranged units doing too much damage, I’ve made all ranged attacks shoot – at most – once per turn, instead of the typical thrice a turn. As for the kiting issue, you drain all movement for that turn once you fire.

    It should be noted that mounted/flying units now become an ultimate ranged unit killers, because they can melee units in a turn or two.

    I really like the new melee/ranged dynamic that these changes have created. I should add that these changes likely mimic real combat more than the vanilla version. For instance, you simply cannot shoot a bow three times in the equivalent time that it takes to swing a sword thrice.

    4. Lower magic environment:

    Everyone knows how much I’ve hated all those insta-death or insta-debilitating spells, as well as spells that do too much raw damage. Two responses were offered. First, given that each unit has a dramatically higher defense/resistance means that the harm they cause is significantly lower. Second, to the extent they still presented problems, they were nerfed further. For instance, the insta-death effect from the Necromancer T4 unit is now once per combat ability.

    5. Races are dramatically different in power and function:

    Here is the “fantasy” element of my thinking come to the fore: Some races are dramatically stronger than others, to reflect the conventional fantasy understanding. For instance, Dwarves are really slow (12 movement as opposed to 16 movement of most races), but they gain +3 Defense (as opposed to +1 of the vanilla game), +4 Resistance (as opposed to +1), Strong Will, and Defender across the board to reflect their status as the ultimate defensive race in the game. And they are much more expensive – albeit I think balancing stronger races/units with pricing is very tricky and perhaps an impossible task.

    6. There is a rational – or systematic – approach to stats:

    It seems to me that some vanilla statistical values are rather arbitrary; I try to create a system where there is nothing arbitrary but internally coherent. For instance, how are unit HPs achieved? I assume every normal humanoid figure represents 10 HPs; so if an infantry unit has 8 figures – that unit will have 80 HPs (obviously not the case for monstrous humanoids like trolls or ogres or giants). Likewise, each upgrade grants 2 HPs per figure; so a 8 figure unit obtains 16 HPs per upgrade. There are many exceptions to this rule, but they are all internally consistent.

    It’s a long process, as I am trying to rationalize literally every unit/spell/ability numerical value in the game. But a few test games with just Humans and High Elves changed brought a very satisfactory results – at least for my tastes. Tactical combat is longer, feels more real, and it’s much more difficult to cheese stuff.



    I will be working on a couple of mods over the coming months. Mainly for my own enjoyment and playing with my mates, but if any of them are popular I’d be happy to share. 🙂

    – Orcs & Goblins : Combining the Orc and Goblin races, with a few tweaks to units for differentiation

    – Imperials vs Barbarians : two new Human civilisations to replace the vanilla Humans. Imperials have nice shiny armour and well-trained mounts. Barbarians are more akin to vikings.

    – Wood Elves : What is says on the tin.

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