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    Meandor returns in AOW2 as the wizard of Death magic who instructs and helps Merlin in mastering the sphere of Death. I don’t remember if it was explicitly mentioned in the game, but he might be undead himself. In Shadow Magic he again returns to help Merlin and also his sister Julia by leading an army into the shadow realm to find the mortal enemies of the Shadow Demons, the Syron. After that he slays a group of fallen heroes that were out to assassinate Julia and then leads an army of undead, dark elves and Shadow Demons he managed to turn away from the All-Devourer against the capital of the Phobian Empire, killing emperor Phobius and ending yet another nation of human extremists.

    King Joseph also makes a brief appearance in Shadow Magic as an undead hero who is recruitable from an underground tomb where he’d been resting.


    Ohhh Colonies? I hope we get to see those colonies in upcoming expansions/dlc! It would be a great way to get a bit away from traditional European Fantasy an perhaps mix Indian, African or Native American mythology into the lore.

    As to races:
    Yeah it is a bit weird for all those races to disappear. But don’t forget the Shadow War was a cataclysmic event that destroyed large parts of the world and killed a catastrophic number of people. And with a lot of the disappeared races it makes sorta sense:

    Nomads: Are already half human and, if i remember correctly, they derived their identity as a race largely from their status as outcasts. Freedom loving people like them would have had an easy time to integrate into the early Commonwealth and probably just intermixed with the human population. A bit of Commonwelath sanctioned historical revisionism and propaganda later and the Nomads have never even existed as a race, but were always just a stray tribe of humans who had been done great wrong by the “nasty” Kings/Wizards/Elves/Phobians of the past until the “wonderful” Commonwealth welcomed them back in the human fold with open arms. So there might be a few humans in the warmer areas of the Commonwealth that look different, but that’s just ethnicity which should not be a big deal in the Commonwealth.

    Tigrans: The Tigrans, like the Draconians, were an artificial race created by wizards to serve them and might have been (to some extend) dependent on Yaka to keep their civilization afloat. During Shadow Magic I had the feeling that without Yaka and Tempest both Tigrans and Dracs were just helplessly flailing about like fish on land. The Draconians recovered from it, the Tigrans didn’t, it happens. Maybe the last drags of the Tigrans just bundled together for mutual protection and chose the exodus to stay free from the Commonwealth, not knowing that in the DLC they might come into contact with a distant Commonwealth Colony (or at least that’s what I’m hoping is gonna happen.) The whole scenario reminds me a little bit of the Biblical Exodus or the time when the Inca abandoned their cities.

    Halflings: I would have actually expected them to thrive in the Commonwealth. But! We don’t know how many Halflings died in the Shadow War and the later Famine. Also, in AOW they have always been entrepreneurs, a lot of the surviving Halflings might have early left for the Colonies to find new, rich lands and trade routes, others might have integrated into human society and intermarried with them. It might well be that the the Heartwood settlement was the last distinct Halfling settlement on the main continent. After the massacre there any other remaining Halflings might have felt threatened and left for the Colonies.(Sorry I just love that colony idea >_>) The whole scenario could be comparable to either the Irish Potato Famine and/or the foundation of Israel post WW II.

    And Undead: Destroyed alongside the Shadow Demons, or the spell that created them in AOW 1 (something about a cursed trumpet?) was dispelled when Evermore was destroyed.



    “We had scruples to ask Markus more money, so it’s why we have so few races in game” (from AoW3 Tome of Lore, p. 425).



    If that’s an actual 425+ page tome of lore that was in the physical collector’s editions rather than Rodor engaging in a tongue-planting-in-cheek exercise, then I’m even more jealous of you Europeans…

    I don’t remember if it was explicitly mentioned in the game, but he might be undead himself.

    That was certainly the impression I got from his background in AoW2 – he did in fact die, but rose again, but unlike most undead he mellowed in his new state. He has a different background in SM and I don’t currently have TWT installed, so I can’t check the exact text right now, but it definitely mentioned a change of heart that came after death. So either he’s undead, or at some stage a life wizard resurrected him.

    That said, Merlin is in a similar circumstance.



    I’ve never been big on lore in AOW or any game really even RPG’s like Skyrim or ELders Scroll Online. I just play the game to have fun make my own story in the world so to speak. I’m just glad after reading the timeline that no race that is not currently in the game has been written off completely so hopefully they come back in future DLC’s.

    Now personally I’m fine with the DEVS bringing back old races and creating new races with out having to be attached to any lore so that we can use them in our own scenarios or RMG games. But I know many of you for some reason need the lore to justify them being in the game so reading that it is possible for most races to comeback was good.



    Isn’t it obvious the 3 of them planned it all together? Meandor leaves with forces he hopes beat the Shadow Deamons after learning something horrific about them, as a precaution to this news Merlin destroys the tower whilst Julia prepares on minimising the damages.

    Merlin’s execution makes no sense to me. If I’d had known Julia, she’d do anything to protect him.



    Just play Elves with the Rogue, that’ll give you a pretty good replicate of Dark Elves. Most DE units have gone with the Rogue class.



    So this sheds some new light on Races that might be added in the DLC.

    Archons are out of the question, since we already have them in-game. Syrons and Shadown Demons are unlikely as well, since they’re in the Shadown Realm (and another invasion would get repetative).

    Tigrans and Frostlings would seem good choices, each reclaiming their former lands. Another would be a Halfling sub-plot.



    I suspect Merlin is not dead. My speculation is that he has been “seemingly” killed, yet, he was not.

    As someone been through what he has been, perhaps he will appear as a bad mofo in the expansions.

    Otherwise why waste time and effort to reintroduce him? (unless budget cutbacks)



    Wow I am loving this synopsis. It really makes me want to go back and replay all the original campaigns but the old game designs are really hard on my carpel tunnel.



    So the tigran and the half-ling must have fled away, both race finding a new home on another continent. Merlin is alive, im sure is ‘execution’ was arranged, so that he could be forgotten by everyone (beside Julia) and work on the case of what behind the gate.

    Im still early in the game so i may be wrong, from what i see here it look like that :D.



    A human being crowned emperor is sure sign of trouble for Athla.
    They should try a dwarf the next time ><



    So hmhm, when thinking about cannon, I realise, itmight be difficult to merge all previous information into a reasonable, consistent world. I played these games nearly ten years ago, now hearing of a sequel being released. But still, as far as I remember, the AoW world has always been a big chaos. There were the Azracs, which werent present in AoW II anymore, but did return in form of the Nomads in SM. There were all those heroes, which could be revived by spells, but everyone else dying remained permanently dead (even undead king Igor^^). Then there were not only the campaigns (AoW I only the keeper’s campaign being canonical?), there were also the standalone maps, whichs impact on the storyline isnt that clear. The ones from AoW I seem to be part of the official timeline, but the ones in 2 and Shadow Magic did even see battles between Merlin and Julia etc. (I don’t remember them all, but there was one scenario with the description: 4 great wizards once met at a newlx found lake and they started fighting, and the wizards were Merlin, Anos, Julia and the dwarf guy) and there was another when, where you had to fight Merlin as Julia etc. Not to mention, many of the 6 banned wizards, who should have been living in the magical void at that time (since they were freed by lateron in Shadow Magic), do appear in SM maps, takingplace in the time between the defeat of the 6 and the begin of the SM campaign. Hence, merging all this into a canon, haha, good luck..



    QJR 390 – The Syron and Archons return from the Shadow Realm, pleading for help from the world’s greatest heroes. They claim to have found other worlds falling prey to the Shadows. Meandor is sick of the constant squawking of human complaints and proclaims his intent to leave the world of Athla to exterminate the forces of Shadow. Heeding his call, Wizards and Heroes follow Meandor’s lead as rumors spread of whole worlds full of riches to be discovered. Merlin also leaves to investigate these claims. Meandor leaves three of his most trusted servants, a Triumvirate of dark elf leaders, to rule in his place. They are named Saridas, Werlac and Hester.

    100 YC – The Last Shadowgate opens, this time from the inside. A delegation of Archons request assistance from Wizards and noble warriors to join them in what they call “The War Without End”. They wish to speak with Merlin, but he is gone. Merlin has been missing for a decade now, and even his apprentices don’t know where he is. Few in the land join the Archons. They warn the Commonwealth Synod that they are becoming complacent, and if they do not remain vigilant they will bring great calamities upon Athla. After they leave, the Archons are declared false prophets and dissidents by some of the wealthy and influential Sunbirth nobles. Queen Julia withdraws from the Synod, freeing up her seat to a new member.

    I would like to learn more about the war. Or see her (DLC).



    If that’s an actual 425+ page tome of lore that was in the physical collector’s editions rather than Rodor engaging in a tongue-planting-in-cheek exercise, then I’m even more jealous of you Europeans…

    Dunno if it’s any specific, but my physical copy of Shadow Magic came with a manual of something like 250 pages.



    Huh. Never saw this before, never bothered with the campaigns myself. Was really nice of you to mention the other races in this long story about Humans, Elves, other elves, elves, humans, elves, more elves, humans elves elves and humans. Good to see all non-elf non-human races are equally underrepresented in another fantasy setting.
    Really hoping Age of Wonders 4 isnt another Human/Elf/Elf/Elf storyline.

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