Lost Libraries and the 'long game'

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    Am just starting to be concerned with the ‘lost library’ structure. Many of us purposefully turn our settings down to the slowest / longest settings to enjoy each research era for longer periods.

    Lost libraries are a pretty common structure, and I’m shaving close to a 100 turns of my research in 2 seperate XL games very early on. On top of that there is at least one cosmic event that seems to fire in the first 30 or so turns that auto completes another research item.

    I like the structure, and the bonus it provides as a mystical city upgrade, but hate that it wipes out huge chunks of the early / mid game and rushes the player (and the AI) towards the inevitable late game. Much has been done to slow the game down in previous patches but this feels like quite a few steps backwards.

    I’d love an option for lost libraries to provide some other type of reward for us players who enjoy the long / slow game!



    100 turns? Lost Libraries almost always give me a T1 or T2 research, which would hardly be 100 turns on the slowest settings even with extensive exaggeration. How many are you really clearing? Honestly curious.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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