Making currently rarely used DWELLING units more useful

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    I like this idea.

    Other suggestions
    My main idea was to give strong defensive buildings for dwellings which let you to defend them with minimal garrison.
    Or alternative idea: ‘Call to Arms’ spell connected to some building and which summon units (dwellers) from this dwelling every round.
    Dragon Dwelling
    Building tree is pretty messed up. Wyverns for 200 gold each? Hell, no. In this case I’d never build wyverns, I’ll wait for dragons.
    I suggest to decrease price for all wyvern barrows – to 75 gold each, but they don’t lead directly to dragon lairs. All of them leads to Incubation Chamber which leads to all dragon lairs. Also Incubation Chamber could provide some more noticeable bonuses – 2 medals instead of 1, HP bonus for wyverns, whatever.
    Defensive buildings should cost 75g + 25m as suggested by Hiliadan.
    Orb of the First Age (200 gold) gives True Sight and Giant Slayer. What a crap.
    If this building gives vision buff, then what about much bigger visible range of dwelling and maybe some additional domain radius?
    Also about Golden Dragon. This unit is best T4, but its price is inadequate. Reduce cost of unit and building both. Building should cost same as others and unit can get price 380g + 50m. Don’t forget that Golden Dragon has Good Alignment and this make it unusable for evil and neutral leaders.Also, appearance correction with screws and dowels is a must-have appearance and facial wash is also very important
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Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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