Messing up on Elven Court (2nd map)

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    I’m on the second map of the elf campaign where I am playing the Draconian guy. I’ve tried a few things that aren’t working.

    There is lots of room to expand, but if you focus on that, by the time you get to conquering, the enemy cities are stacked with powerful units with very specific damage requirements.

    Is there any point to diplomacy on this map? Can I win by making alliances?

    Is it better to go with stacks of cheap units or take the time to build the best army?

    How did you defeat this map?

    I’m finding the Draconian hatchlings to be completely useless. What is the point to these guys? They have horrible damage output and no survivability.


    You want to expand across the goblin empire FAST. The moment you see the blue goblin border? Run across it, and slam them. Then go underground and grab their underground city, then keep pushing west until you get to the volcano. The two other factions are programmed to fuck with you. They’ll simply never become allies with you.



    I can understand why you were having difficulties with this map. It’s quite a large one and the AI has a crazy economical advantage. AI players tend to field huge armies, even in the easy campaign scenarios. What that means is that generally speaking you will want to play aggressively and go on the offensive asap. In this scenario that might be different, for I believe the AI will only declare war when you get close. So I’m not sure what will happen if you avoid the AI for as long as possible before heading in.

    Also, I think diplomacy will not work because in campaign scenarios stuff tends to be scripted: there are story reasons why you shouldn’t be able to have alliances with certain AI players. Don’t bother with diplomacy in the campaigns.

    Draconians are a terrible race for defense, I think, because their ranged units tend to be horrible. I’m not very fond of hatchlings either. By the time you manage to lvl up one to the point it morphs into a better unit, it will use all xp and medals it earned to that point. All you get in return is a tier 2 unit. With the Draconians, in this lvl I produced raptors (cavalry) asap and when I got a bit of extra resources I started spamming Flyers.

    Also, as an Archdruid Reskar depends quite a bit on unit summoning. You could even skip spending money on the class specific building: that will only help you get some hunters and shamans. If you have too much mana, you are not doing something right – summon, summon, summon and then summon some more. Research spell casting points and summoning spells until you get to the Horned God, which is the druid’s most powerful unit. Two or three of those together will zap entire clusters of units to death with lightning and after that they are still encridibly formidable melee units.

    When I beat this level I only managed to find the elven outposts at the very end, but I noticed there was a teleporter exit nearby. My guess is you should be able to find a teleporter somewhere on the right side of the map, possibly in the underground. Getting to those elven settlements in early game will make things a lot easier probably.



    Get Reskar to top left of the map.Meet mr Dragon and then burn your enemies.



    Aww, it’s a shame to hear diplomacy won’t work. :/ I started the scenario this morning with the intent of befriending a leader or two, but that quest telling me I needed to kill all opposition in order to score a home for the hapless Draconians made me blink in surprise. That’s really quite morally ambiguous when you think about it. o.O

    I’ll probably wait until they declare war on me first though, just so I can claim victory out of necessity or something. >.>



    There’s a cave in the bottom right area that leads to a teleporter. That pops out on the other side, near the two Elven cities (who join you if you get close), and the throne city of the Orc.

    Also, try to research Horned God. You can summon them (so they don’t take up gold your regular army needs), and they’re REALLY powerful.



    Just make sure you get close enough to the elven cities. If you don’t, you can click on them and do normal diplomacy, paying for open borders, getting quests etc. Then, when you do get a quest and try to move close neough to complete it, they will simply join you and the quest will fail 😛



    I screwed up too but just turtled in my bases thinking i should start again, but then i learnt the summon storm giant or whatever it was, quickly realized how broken they were, and then went on a rampage once i had summoned two armies of them.



    Horned God 🙂

    But as Picard suggested, some Gargantuan summons are nice as well.


    The first couple times I tried to play this map I turtled with 6 draconion settlements and the population boosting spell…. and it went horribly when I tried crossing the goblin’s border. Problem was, by the time I was built up the Goblin leader had about a dozen tier 4 summons and the orc leader was mass-producing tier 4 fliers out of somewhere, which ended up being too incredibly cost efficient against draconian units. I was expecting them to fight the purple human leader at least while I built, but apparently that never ends up happening to a significant degree. It actually appears as if that enemy’s ai is disabled at the start of the mission.

    The solution is to aggressively expand to the west using your starting units. I built my first two settlements then worked my way west, taking out the neutral unit camps, then the first goblin city asap. I then went underground at the tunnel entrance to the east and claimed the subterranean goblin city as well. By continuing to expand west on the surface you gain a free orc town, a hero unit and the possibility of an easy third goblin city if Shagna decides to leave it lightly guarded for whatever reason. From there the dragon lair isn’t far to the west, and after that the mission ends up being fairly easy, as you’ll have at least four or five settlements, quite possibly a lot more if you produce settler units and build your own cities, as well as dragon units, and only two entrances to your territory to defend thanks to the impassible mountains.

    There’s also apparently that portal to the elven settlements, which I never ended up finding; however, I’m not sure if that would actually end up being a benefit as they’re only village level settlements, and it’s right next to the main orc city, in addition to a goblin one underneath that, which might be shagna’s main. The portal being activated also creates a vulnerability at the rear of your domain that the ai might exploit. That would mean you would have a lot more area to defend from ai raiding parties/invasions.



    I also managed to “convert” an orc Arch-Druid who realized that fighting for the orc warlord was a bad idea 🙂 That gave me a total of 5 heroes.



    I had no problems with this mission whatsoever and I didn’t attack the goblin until I felt completely ready. Could turtle at my own leisure.

    Now the third mission is batshit insane. Throws full juggernaut doomstacks at you before you can get anything going.



    5 heroes? I did get the Orc, and I believe I only got four (Sundren, Reskar, Nomlik and the Orc who’s name escapes me.) Who am I missing? EDIT: Oooh, you dominated him? How did you do that? More importantly, did you get to keep him for the next mission?

    As for my map strategy, playing on Normal difficulty. I settled my first two cities, then I went south past the desert and settled two more alongside the river, and finally a fifth one in the middle of the desert near the tomb or whatever it was.

    After this, I went underground and explored for some nice items while waiting for something to happen as I built my cities. Didn’t realize that there would be no war until I trespassed on the goblin domain, and by the time I did that the Goblin city along the river was too well defended to do much to, so I left Sundren to defend the heartland while I kept exploring underground with Nomlik and Reskar. The goblin settlements underground were very lightly defended so I picked them up as I went. After this point I think I only settled one or two more cities, as I had plenty of gold and mana (in the thousands each).

    Eventually I split Nomlik and Reskar up, with Reskar bumbling into the Orc west of the Goblin city Sundren was sieging. Nomlik was busying himself with digging caves and finding loot, chancing upon the teleporter to the elven cities. Then I overextended by first capturing the human city east of the elven ones, and then buying Orc independent city guarded by a Dragon (Thinking I’d get to keep it, but alas, all it’s troops disappeared leaving poor Nomlik alone defending four cities all within 2 turns march of the Orc and Goblin capitols). By this point I still had no Horned Gods summoned, so dealing with the Manticores were a pain.

    Somehow I managed to hold on while playing “You capture that city while I recapture the city you took two turns ago” until Reskar, the Orc and Sundren finally managed to break through the Goblin defenses back in the east, and I rushed to reinforce Nomlik with Sundren and Reskar after that. Reskar took a small detour and got the gold dragon (I realize this was rather late, but how could I have known there was a kickass reward for just moseying up the road? I thought whatever was there would be heavily defended :P) Before finally recapturing the human city for the final time. Unfortunately he was kind of stuck there for a while after that as the AI spammed the city revolt spell on it, and Reskar had to guard until I had a decent garrison going. The Orc went underground and finished exploring, picking up a few pieces of more loot (I have too many Unicorn mounts dammit).

    After thoroughly exploring the map whilst containing both the orc and goblin capitols with Sundren, Reskar and Nomlik, I finally sent the Orc along with some trebuches and got rid of them for good. It was extremely overkill, and I could have taken them on with just one or two armies much earlier, but I like taking my time and exploring, and if I can overkill something, why not? Each of my heroes stacks now had 1-2 Horned Gods each, with the rest of the units mostly being t2 cav and various t3.

    When the two were vanquished, I set my sights on the human dreadnought. For some reason, he remained incredibly passive throughout the entire match (Possibly because i didn’t scout him out, leaving the entire area west of the orc capitol undiscovered), and I washed over him like an evil tide. Fast forward a few more turns and the game was over.

    Sorry about the wall of text here, but I hope this can help people having trouble (Although i have no experience with playing on Hard, I suspect it wouldn’t be nearly as easy). Good luck!

    I made an album of screenshots from the last turn of the game just before I vanquished the Dreadnought to help illustrate:



    Thanks for the tips everyone. I wonder why they allow diplomacy in the campaign. It makes sense to go to war right away if diplomacy in impossible. Also, if you don’t want to get ‘evil’ points by declaring war, all you have to do is trespass and they will declare war instead.

    Heh, I swear I recognize half the people here from the FE(WoM) forums. Good to see you all again.

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