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    I was so happy when i learned that every hero is getting his own unique look since in previous AoW games all heroes of the same race would look the same (not even the male/female distinction) but after playing AoW3 for more than 100 hours I must say that heroes are lacking something important…

    Lets call that thing a soul.

    Somehow AoW3 heroes are just a piece of graphic to me, I just don’t care very much about them, sure it may matter what class they are but that’s about it.
    This was not the case in previous AoW games, heroes were you allies or enemies, you loved some and hated some, hell I cant even remember how many times I loaded a savegame just because my favorite hero got killed. And sometimes hero I love ends up in my enemy hands, and I try my best just to get it back from it’s grasp (trying to destroy the enemy but not hero so I can recruit him latter, dominate, charm, maybe even trap don’t remember…)
    And in AoW3 I many times care more about the items that hero dropped after death than the hero itself.

    And heroes CAN be more interesting, here’s an example:

    Beautiful Ork maiden, sex symbol – BRILLIANT!

    Here is my advice how to make heroes more interesting:

    1. Write unique and interesting description for every hero (I know you can do this, SM is the proof of that)
    2. Give every hero something unique that hero gets on lvl 1 (and maybe 5, 10, 15, 20)
    3. Give every hero one sphere of magic (not like you will boost him too much that way, every sphere has only 2 combat spells, but it may be important for roleplay)
    4. Make hero love/hate you decisions which may lead to betrayer if neglected too much (for instance ork hero is not really happy with you because you migrated an ork city or something…)

    This things are not very hard to do (except maybe 4. seeing how you are still struggling with the diplomacy thing) and if you menage to bring back soul to the heroes this game will go from verygood to perfect!



    Still no image… Let me try again…



    Well I was kind of hoping that when you put helmets or other items on your heroes, that it actually shows up in the image. But yes some personality or history could be interesting.


    While they may not have descriptions anymore I still adore certain heroes and always try to get them on my side as I feel horrible when I have to kill them. My favorites are…

    Mae the Mariner <3
    Sheena the Elementalist <3
    Lealia the Sheer
    Hilde Mayflower
    Iman the Nightowl
    Velvet the Assassin
    Ambor the Missionary
    Irilis Faithhand

    I’ll do just about anything to get any of those heroes on my side. I’m really not a fan of dirty Goblins or Lizardmen so try to avoid those heroes as best as I can. I don’t mind Dwarves or Orcs but I’d much rather have Elves and Humans.

    Heroes may not have prewritten stories anymore but that doesn’t prevent you from using your own imagination!



    Why do you consider Draconians dirty? :-O Ok, about goblins, I’m not a fan as well, but Draconians are humanoid dragon-offspring somethings. Even if I prefer how they looked like in previous games, Draconians are still dear to me…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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