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    When I first started playing AoW3 I noticed that there are too few spells per sphere of magic, but it didn’t bother me that much at the time, because everything was so new to me and I was sure that class upgrades would substitute most of the spells, so I wont even notice that there are less spells than before…

    I was so wrong… Not only that there are too few spells per sphere, but the spells themselves were so unimportant that after some time I didn’t even care what magic school I pick for my main char! Because it changes nothing, maybe for roleplay, but I doubt even that…

    Here is how many spells we have now… For instance Fire:
    1) Combat Spells: 2 Adept + 2 Master
    2) Global Spells: 2 Adept + 2 Master
    3) Empire upgrades: 1 Adept + 0 Master…

    Which amounts to – 9 spells! Are you kidding me? For comparison Warlord has 9 COMBAT SPELLS! Only combat spells, and that’s warlord (sorcerer has 12 combat spells)!
    I’m willing to bet that SM had twice as much at least!

    Now I know that magic is not that important in AoW3 like it was in AoW2 and SM, but the way it is now it’s barely an afterthought for me, and I’m sure for many other people.

    So here is my solution (yeah I thought about the solution, I’m not here just to rant…) think about it and tell me you opinion :

    For example fire adept/master…

    – add 2 more summoning spells 1 for adept, and 1 for master for example: adept – hellhound and efreet (or fire genasi or something), master – fire elemental and elder fire elemental (or just bring fenix back)

    – add 2 more combat spells 1 adept, 1 master, any combat spells realy, for instance (also fire) adept Blazing Comet, master Combustion

    – add some empire upgrade for example all units get +1 fire str on adept, all units get +2 fire str on master

    – the same as the above just 10% fire protection/20% fire protection (adept/master)

    – city upgrade “enchanted wall” with your element, maybe on master idk

    Element (Fire) Mastery spell that changes all nodes in your domain

    -maybe even element (fire) shrine/temple thing that gives you random quest with element (fire) based rewards (fire enchanted items, fire mounts, more fire spells), and/or maybe some element (fire) enchantment to defending city (fire halo, etc)

    If you add all this you would have 12 more spells/upgrades for your adept/master combo! Including your existing 9 it would became a substantial choice for any player, and not just “whatever, just pick one already” choice which is now.

    Wow, that’s a lot of text, I just hope somebody is going to read all this… In the meantime, I’m going to go give myself a cookie for this brilliant solution 😉



    I often get a little frustrated when my Sphere Spells get in the way of a Class Spell that I want. I’m pretty happy that there’s only so many spells per sphere, and quite a few of them are useful.


    With the Shadow gates destroyed, magic is just less overall, but the Shadowborn are leaking through, so, my dream for an expansion is one where there is an additional level of magic, because adept to mastery cuts short the traditional path to mastery:


    I’d ditch Apprentice on the assumption that a leader would have passed that stage.

    Adept would be the same as now, Journeyman would be th current Mastery and my propsed Mastery would require 3 sphere picks and would have some “OP” spells like Elder Fire Elemental or Phoenix.



    Magic is generally toned down in this game in favor of class-based empire upgrades. I don’t really like this approach, and I think it makes the game less “fantasy”. But that’s how it is. Simply adding more spells wouldn’t really help under the current design. Spell points are opportunities to cast something useful are very limited. Research time needed to acquire even the small set of spells that you do get is hard to justify over pursuing empire upgrade research. If you are not playing a class that relies on creature summons to field an army then it’s very easy to play the game without casting anything at all.



    I for one certainly would love to see some more spells and flavor added to the magic specializations. Condensing them from Adept/Master into a single pick wouldn’t hurt in my book either, but that’s just wishful thinking in my case.

    Personally I don’t buy the whole “Magic is toned down compared to the past!” excuse. Lore and Fluff should certainly play a role in creating flavor and atmosphere, but it should not limit gameplay in my opinion.

    I have made a thread before about it, and I’ll just briefly reiterate one of my ideas; ‘Magic’ spheres could do more than offer a spellbook extension too, such as special produceable(not summoned) units. Such as Adept Earth providing an Empire Upgraded that lets you train Tier 2 Infantry specialized on tanking elemental damage, just as an example.

    Oh and bring back the Lurker for Adept Water. Baby Kraken is one heck of a one-trick pony in comparison.



    I’m annoyed that spells are so repetitive: almost every single specialization has:
    – a single target direct damage
    – a “likes domain” spell
    – a “spreads domain” spell

    If you take 3 Adepts, you typically get 3 single-target direct damage spells and 3 “now likes X” spells. The first group is used in the same way always, the only point worth noting that having a bigger choice allows you to deal slightly more damage against a unit you don’t like. The second group gives your cities a bit better income and production. That’s so magical and exciting! I’m tempted to take both Explorer and Expander just to escape the boredom.

    Something is not right if I don’t care what my specializations are because they all look very similar to me



    There is something to be said about the magic-sphere spells’ blandness & quantity. Also, their appears almost never more than 3 sphere specific choices, while you seeminly get to see Avatar & Class spells (or skills) eternally in your research.

    I fully support the quest for more sphere-specific spells, the option for specialising in a school of magic (3 picks of the same node) and at least 4 sphere spells in the research options.



    I agree here. My main RMG leader is a Creation Master Theocrat who would like a summon spell. If it wasn’t for the Tome or tooltips I wouldn’t even be able to tell the spells apart (creation and theocrats).

    Was it the case in SM that if you had multiple spheres you would only get one “cities like ‘X’ domain” and only one follow-up “spread ‘X’ domain” thar would allow for more spell to be researched instead of 3 different domain spells. Just a thought 🙂

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