Mounted units and spells/abilities targeted at Animals

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    The Befriend Animal ability inflicts Feral Mount status when cast on mounted units.

    What about the Awaken Spirit ability, the Revive Instinct spell, the Savage Rage spell?

      Revive Instinct inflicts Feral Mount on all enemy animals; does it on enemy mounted units as well?
      Awaken Spirit could boost a little a friendly mounted unit. For instance, +200 Happyness/+1 melee damage instead of +500/+3 on an animal.
      Savage Rage could grant some of its abilities to mounted units (overwhelm, wall crushing?) at the cost of some manoeuverability (move, or -1 action point if possible), because we’d consider that the rage is directed against the enemy and not the rider, but it’s also harder to guide in combat. An alternate drawback could be a Berserk status (and no movement/AP penalty), making the mount attack closest enemy on sight.

    Only concern I’d see is that some mounts are monsters and not animal, and that some abilities above are targeted at animals only.

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    I thought About the same some days ago!
    Revive Instinct works for Mounts, Awaken Spirit and Savage Rage not and I would like to give a small buff to Mounts as well!

    Awaken Spirit could give High Morale like you mentioned and Savage Rage Devastating Charge and/or Overwhelm etc.

    But like you said. Some Mounts of Heroes are Monsters. It would be possible to exclude Heroes, I think this would be fine.



    That should be perfect, Gladis, given that Befriend Animal already target mounted monsters.

    I’d like to add that, like some other suggestions in this forum, this is mainly a feeling that came while playing this particular class/specialization (“Am I really playing an Archdruid right now?”), and then it’s only here in case that class/specialization is thought to need a little buff or debuff, flavor-wise, and not necessarily to point out and solve an unbearable balance concern. A little seed of an idea in case of need.



    Good ideas.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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