Multi-Elemental Spells

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    Brother JO

    Another idea just popped in my head 😛

    We could select 7 spheres in aow1 and 6 spheres in aow2 and get powerfull or weak spells depending on same spheres selected.But we did not get any multi-sphere magic.

    We can have some spell like Armageddon(requires 3 fire/3 earth sphere) , Twilight (3 death/3 Life) ,Blizzard(4 air/2 water),Aurora(2 Life/2 air/2 water) and more spells from different combination of spells. With these system we could have more variety in spells it would make more sense to chose multi-coloured spheres .



    I like that idea alot.  It would make picking spheres more interesting.  Water 2/ Fire 2 = acid spells.  Could get some interesting combos.  Similarly, multi spheres could be used to forge certain artifact effects, making forging more interesting as well.


    Sounds like a great deal if work, but if it were done correctly, correctly would be, in the words of Barney Stinson, legen -wait for it- dary



    That idea sounds intriguing. I liked the system of AoW1 most, where you could fill your seven sphere-slots with up to three different spheres (e.g. 4 Life, 2 Earth, 1 Water). If there were hybrid spells it would truly offer huge possibilities. 🙂




    I think your spell ideas may need work, but the idea itself is brilliant ^^

    Of course, I understand those were just examples 😛

    With a combination of Water and Fire, you could have some kind of Steam spell, or maybe with Earth and Life you could have Nature Elemntals (keeping it old school :P)

    Again just examples, these ideas seem silly until you see them in practice anyway 😛



    The multi-elemental idea is pretty good, but it seems it’s hard to find a good ideas for spells. 😛 Anyway, it would be cool to see some of them in the game (especially armaggedon ^^).


    Brother JO

    Yeah there could be much more spells and much more combinations if we had multi-sphere spells, imagine what could we do with those spells.I really hope devs see this and add some new spells to aow3 😀



    Some general themes that could be fleshed out…

    Earth / Water – Mud

    Earth / Fire – Magma

    Earth / Air – Rain of Stones

    Earth / Death – Crumble / Shatter

    Earth / Life – Heal Constructs

    Water / Fire – Steam/Acid

    Water/ Air – Blizzard / Ice Storm

    Water / Death – Poison

    Water / Life – Healing Showers

    Fire / Air – Fire Storm / Phoenix

    Fire / Death – Fire Undead Summons (?)

    Fire / Life – Fire Protection



    Fire/Death could be demon summonings like the AoW1 hellhounds and demons.

    Acid I would probably put under earth-water. Most acids are crystalline in their pure form, but only become active and dangerous when dissolved in water or some other polar solvent. (Note that this includes moisture on skin, so I’d really NOT recommend touching acid crystals.)



    That is something valuable, definitively agree if possible.


    Brother JO

    Maybe we could even get some spells which require more than 2 spheres.Like Typhon of Death(Water/Air/Death) or Cosmos Mastery(Fire/Water/Earth/Air/Death/Life).

    And I agree that Fire/Death should summon demons and other hell creatures it would make much more sense since demons are evil and also creatures of fire.


    Personally, I am thinking that if you can combine spheres, then you should also have mutually exclusive spheres, so no mixing air and earth.

    While I appreciate the argument against this (less limits=more options), I believe that by limiting the spheres you force some hard decisions on a player, for example, allowing one to think about the synergy between spheres ( e.g. does air go well with death?) the possible combinations therein (death+air could, for example = plague, a strategic/map spell cast on enemy armies, think ‘curse’ or ‘death domain’ effect in SM, but very focused) and also, levels of spell combinations, i.e. what spells do you get mixing 2 air, 2 death and 2 fire, as opposed to 1 air, 3 fire, 2 death?


    With some serious work, this could be a real plus for the game.



    I agree the combinations are appealing,I think it would be nice to get some bonus if you chose just one sphere as well.Something that would help you contend with the mixed spheres.


    Zealot, I think the general idea is that if you focus on one sphere you unlock the more powerful spells of that sphere, a bit like in AoW1. assuming that’s the case, and I hope it is, then any ideas for lvl 4 spells, accessible only by focusing one one sphere?


    Brother JO

    I think we can also have something like basic,intermediate and advanced system.If you have a death sphere you can cast most of spells but lets say you have 1 death sphere so your spells should be on basic level.And if you have 6 death sphere your death spells should be on advanced level.This way selecting a straith sphere would have a meaning too with all those multi-sphere spells.But of course this would require a lot of work and time.


    -Basic Summon Spider. Has web I(att 4) and some weak stats.

    -Intermediate Summon Spider.Has web II(att 5) and +1 attack/defence death prot and more health than basic one.

    -Advanced Summon Spider.Has web III(att 6) and +2 att/def Death immunity and even more health than intermediate one.

    This can also work for combat spells:

    -Basic Death Ray: 5 attack 3 damage

    -Intermediate Death Ray:6 Attack 4 Damage

    -Advanced Death Ray : 7 Attack 5 Damage



    Epic global spells might require pure focus.  Want to bathe the world in flames  or darkness? Then you need pure fire or pure death specialization.




    Life / Death = Resurrection!


    Steven Aus

    Fallen Enchantress has multi-elemental spells.  Change the names and rework them, obviously. =)


    Nature’s Call – Earth and Life – Summons creatures from the forest into combat.

    Gentle Rain – Air and Water – Increases food for the selected city (in AoW3 could increase population growth).

    Horrific Wail – Death and Water – Death spell that does damage to all enemy units, modified by resistance.

    Syphon Strength – Death and Earth – Reduces Attack/Damage of enemy unit and adds to own for the current combat.

    Tireless March – Air and Fire – Increased movement for attached stack, but maybe could have penalties in AoW3 if you thought increased movement was too powerful.  However, you could just give it a high upkeep instead. 😉

    Contagion – Air and Death – Spreads poison to all units unless they resist, and does damage for x (in FE, 10) rounds.

    Soulburning – Death and Fire – Strong Death and Fire Damage to a single unit.

    Stinking Mud – Earth and Water – Creates an area on the combat map where ground movement is seriously reduced (in FE it’s to only one square per turn – use what correlates to what you want for movement on the AoW3 combat map).

    Sunder – Earth and Fire – Does serious (possibly level/skill/spell strength/sphere-based) damage to a single elemental unit.

    Obviously, if you were going to use any of these ideas, rework them, rename them and give them a unique part in the AoW3 game, ok?  I’m not posting these here so they can be ripped off unceremoniously. 🙂



    At least three of those existed in Shadow Magic – Call of the Wild in Life (although that’s on the strategic map), Spring Rains in Water (expanded the crops of affected cities), Haste in Air (reduced cost of a square of movement by 2).


    Steven Aus

    Yeah, I was just mentioning the multi-element spells verbatim.  But I’m sure there are a few that could be used that aren’t in already. 🙂


    Steven Aus

    Also, Tireless March affected the whole army, not just one unit.


    Brother JO

    Though I didn’t play Fallen Enchantress those multi-sphere spells sound cool.What I would also like to see is basic,intermediate,advanced spells system depending on how many same spheres you got.So if we get multi-sphere spells,straight spheres would still be a good choice with all those new spells 😛



    For ideas and  examples of good multi school spells (and a truly epic manual) check out  Dominions 3:

    Spells start on page 143…yes, 143…:)


    Brother JO

    All these spells just bring tear to my eye 😛 There are just too many spells too many combinations 😀

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