Multiplayer Campaigns?

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    I’d like to know if there will be multiplayer option for campaigns. It would be much more fun to go trough storyline together with friends 🙂



    Was thinking this would be great after replaying the games recently. I think there could be a lot of complications, but if they pulled it off it could be amazing! Fixedly cooperative play should work and I would be more than happy with but maybe post-launch they should work on a separate campaign that is multiplayer.




    Legend of Mana offers the option for the player to have two sidekicks—characters which are controlled either by the game’s AI or by another player using the second controller.”

    this game was awesome multiplayer. let’s say you go through the story in a team with someone – an ally can be controlled or second player, or computer-controlled. in AoW2 was sometimes mage ally – it is quite possible to give control of the second player

    p.s. English – native language is not



    I’d love to see this as well.  Cooperative campaigns… maybe even COMPETITIVE campaigns.  Ai-yai-yai!



    Silence. Is it possible to co-flow campaign ..  Sea fan would



    So long as there is still the option to play offline as single player, I don’t see any problem with this.


    OMG can you imagine competitive   campaigns? How would that work? Because not every map would be fought over? Mind is boggling, but what a great idea Inlaa.



    @Lennart Sas are there any plans to create a co-op campaign?

    @pawelotti This would be an absolutely fantastic idea, and one that I know from experience is incredibly fun.

    I converted the Age of Wonders 1 campaign maps into scenario files, added a second player -adjusting the maps slightly, and beefed up the computers position a bit (to compensate for the poor a.i. and extra player). It worked out really well — I think, with the missions selectable from the scenario menu.

    This was however in conjunction with a mod I made which switched the emphasis of leaders to magic rather than combat (I switched all the leader models for the dismounted versions, massively nerfed their stats, and made magic a little cheaper, making the 10,10,10,10 monster much less feasible, if not impossible).

    Would love to see a co-op campaign in aow3.



    OMG can you imagine competitive   campaigns? How would that work? Because not every map would be fought over?

    Well, I can imagine a few ways it would work.  I’ve discussed this sort of thing before.  The trouble with a competitive campaign is that it would require multiple paths for the storyline to take.

    Let’s say that there is a “generic” competitive campaign in which two different factions are trying to conquer a nation.  Every map they play on, they play together.  Let’s say that it’s a civil war, and in mission 1, the two factions (or teams, perhaps?) are fighting each other to determine who wins control of Province 1.  Whoever loses this conflict will be given Underdog status.  In other words, mission 1 defines what role each of the players has.

    From there, it’s really up to the map designers.  Mission 2’s outcome would affect mission 3, and mission 3 would affect mission 4, and so forth.  Secondary objectives could, perhaps, provide bonuses in the next mission, or actually change what the next mission is entirely.  For instance, if the Underdog chooses to help a tribe of elves in Mission 2, perhaps those Elves tell their nation of the Underdog’s deeds, and in Mission 3 the elves send an army to help the Underdog player (making it a 2v1).  Etcetera, etcetera.

    The biggest problem, as said, is the sheer number of missions that would have to be made, and a number of conditions, and ways to balance things out if one player SERIOUSLY got their arses handed to them over the course of the campaign.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s possible to do.



    Hi guys,

    Has there been any update/news on this front?  I don’t expect an MP campaign to be included in the default release.

    But will there be any support for syncing saves across multiple maps for the community to create such campaigns?





    I remember that a old 1998 Brazilian RTS called Outlive had the possibility of co-operative campaigns. There weren’t any vanilla co-operative campaigns, but making and playing a co-operative campaign was possible.
    It would need some extra functions in scenario editor and stuff, but its definitively possible.




    Usually the games which have co-op campaign feature, fail when you play that campaign alone. Because they have to made changes in the map, AI, narrative or even the story to make this good and viable. I hardly belive they have the time and resources to make both the sp campaign and the co-op campaign fun. Btw most strategy games from SC2 to Disciples dont have  co op campaign feature, and i think for a reason…



    I have suggested DLC for dedicated map/campaign.


    A competitive campaign would have to be a series of maps and the one who wins most of them wins the game.

    It would be interesting also to allow to carry heroes from one map to the next just in order to keep a certain continuity.

    Another possibility would be that there are continents and players must conquer nations in order to reach the capital of the enemy which would be located in the farthest away territory from the central nation (where the first game would take place). In case there were more than two players the first one to be eliminated in any specific map would have to retreat and the following game would be held in a land colser to his actual capital…

    In other words every single “nation” would be one game. by winning the next game would take place in a land closer to the final nation where the real capital of a specific side is actually placed.

    But probably there would be balance problems of all kinds…





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