Multiplayer compatibilty with the Expansion

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    Lennart Sas


    I like this. On the one hand, it gives the impression of ‘on-disk dlc’, but that seems the only way to make multiplayer as seamless as Triumph is making it when dealing with DLC, so it’s all good. Heck, it even allows folks hesitant to buy a new expansion to try out some of the features themselves by playing with someone who bought it in the first place and so reinforce (or rectify) their decision.

    Well done, Triumph.



    Some other games apply similar approach.

    However, this one brings it up one level further – it does not separate the players in any way.

    For example BF4 – you can use the equipment of someone with expansion, if you kill him. However you can’t play the new maps.

    Or trade cards games – you can play with someone having cards from certain expansion, but you can never obtain his cards.

    I find this approach nice and I hope it works well for future expansions as well!



    This is definetly a good way to advertise your own products too 😀

    And, as Arcador said, this won’t split the player base (apart from Custom made Maps with Expansion Content) soooooo 10 points for Triumph



    cool, that´s a friendly choice to handle this problem,
    many other companies would make it the other way, that only the content of the “lowest” player is available in a multiplayer…
    But this way, halfling-haters that don´t want to buy the expansion, can still kill some of this little folk in a multiplayer…great ;D
    (by the way, don´t know if it´s even possible to hate this cute little things…)
    Anyway, my brother don´t likes the halfings so much, but he bought the dlc, because you guys make so good work here!
    The only thing that he is missing still are the tigrans, so don´t let him wait to long to make him really happy 😉

    Beste Grüße von euren deutschen Nachbarn direkt hinter der Grenze ^^


    Classy move. Thank you, Triumph.

    As has been mentioned, there are lots of games that if you do not have the current xpac of the moment, you are not playing with folks.

    I like the whole “choose what DLC options you want and still play” deal. Let’s say I despise halflings but want a necromancer (not saying I do, but just for illustration). I could still play with someone and not be punished for not having certain content.



    Good way to handle it. Better to generate goodwill among the multiplayer community, than be stingy about it. DLC content is also pretty fairly priced for what you get I think. So far the devs are making great decisions.



    This is a great example of how things SHOULD be done. It is annoying that smaller developers do this while bigger once go for the money-grabbing, must have DLC shit. I will buy this no doubt, and every expansion that comes after. Thank you Triumph!



    You guys bring hope to this world. Thanks Triumph – this is the best solution there could be!



    no time to play aow3 atm, so i didnt plan to buy the expansion.

    now that i saw the way you at triumph are dealing with dlc and multiplayer i have to say hats off. a non-greedy approach that doesnt generate barriers.
    just bc of this approach/philosophy alone i will buy the dlc.



    Glad you all like the solution we’ve picked.
    And thank you all for your kind words : )>

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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