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    is it in the making?
    Who will be the composer?

    Hoping for Michiel van den Bos. Because the music of AoW 1 was way more awesome than everything else



    These people are artists, I’m pretty sure the music will fill the game no matter the composer. Personally I only admire jeremy soule, but i’m no expert on the subject.

    A funny theory i have tho : If you like the game, and you play it over and over again, you WILL like the music. It’s true. I love many musical peices from games. None of my friends do though :p They like them but just to listen them once for a bit. Game musics tends to be good when you’re having fun cause you bind the feeling of that experience with it. Amnesia music scares the shit of me for example :p So i doubt you should be worrying much about music, as long as it’s  “okay” you will grow to love it eventually. ^^



    Raggin: Of course the awesome Michiel van den Bos will make the music again 🙂


    The music was great and a necessary part of the AoW experience.



    I agree with Arian. I remember clearly the tunes of AOWSM and they were peaceful and like ballads. And I’m pretty sure that most musics will look like ballads because the games take place in a fantasy world.



    Here’s an older Thread with lots of information from Lennart Sas and Michiel van den Bos himself. 🙂



    thanks, Calmar! :]

    TheDio, i partly agree with that. As in, to some extent it is true. It will affect what i feel about a song. But since i played all of the games and still take my favourites from AoW 1, my preference leans towards that style



    I never did really play Aow1. Can you suggest some of your favorite tracks?



    Some game music grows on you and you come to like it. Some doesn’t. Some you like at first but grow to dislike except in small doses. It depends on the person and the music.

    By way of some examples, for me, the AoW2 music and some other game music belongs to the first category. Didn’t like them that much at first (preferred AoW1 music to them), but grew to like them later. Certain scores from e.g. the Heroes of Might and Magic series I never learned to like and never will (e.g. the haven aka knight city theme song from HoMM4, urgh). Dominions 2 and 3 have the same music (the classical stuff) which I like, but only in small doses, because it gets too repetitive too fast. So I play that game with the music off.




    For AoW1, Battle Macabre, Heartwood Forest, Love & Death, Mountain Song, Perilous Quest and In the Company of Elves. Can’t go wrong with those. You need to find the beta demo to get that last one, though, it was not included in the final game despite being one of the best tracks.


    The internet is a wonderful thing:




    There is also an example of the new music on Thriump Studios Facebook page 🙂



    Yes, there is. I didn’t have a chance to listen to it before the announcement of AoW3 was out, but that short 30 second sample together with “Triumph Studios” was instantly recognizable as AoW3. It had elements of the AoW1 title heavily predominating and alternating with some elements of other tracks from that game.




    I would like to see where you might be able to import some songs onto a in game custom playlist so you can listen to just about anything.



    I think the best music i ever had with a strategy game was the one from fantasy general.And the game was pretty good ,too.

    i still have this music on my ipod and on cd and like to listen to it while playing games or working out.

    Music in AOW series is pretty good though.I am sure it will be good as well for AOW3.



    pretty late at replying here, but Edi answered that pretty well. Perilous quest, in the company of elves and content workforce are some of the ones i like alot. But my favourite might be the highmen theme. You also said you didnt play the game much. Maybe you never heard some songs altogether. For example, on the campaign some of the songs dont come until the later stages. And a single player map usually has 4 or 5 of them only.

    The music in shadow magic is good, but it doesnt appeal to me as much as the music in AoW1. It does set a good atmosphere for the game. The music from the first game however…. It makes me feel that a time of turmoil is upon my home, that enemies have been spotted beyond the next hill or that me and my companions have descended into a dungeon where dark elven arrowheads glimmer in the blackness. It is also the lure of untold treasures and legends. And sometimes it is a tale of the past peace that now must be fought for.

    But thats just me ;]

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