new here so a couple of questions

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    i played the game first version i think and some classes just wherent there so recently i actully but the game and now im waiting for it to be downloaded ,searched a few places about the classes and i got a general idea about them ,what i want to know now is that are they well balanced ? for ex. im playing necro does theocrat simply crush me or i can hold my own against them (both players at same lvl considering expirienced players are playing)



    by classes i mean changes in them if i found out corectly



    At the same experience level, some matchups might be slightly skewed, but a good player against a mediocre one(which I consider myself one of) should be able to win without any problems. Hard counters don’t exist.



    Theo vs Dread always seemed to be problem for me, unless I am missing something.



    there are no hard counters because you can mix class-race-specialization plus you usually get some secret spells in game so you usually have a counter…

    however there are bad matchups: warlord and archdruid vs necromancer, theocrat vs dreadnought come to mind…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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